Tecrom Designs – Custom Exosuit from FOC Jazz

Tecrom Designs recently posted some add-on parts that could turn the FOC Jazz mold into an Exosuit. The parts are available individually via Shapeways and sports 3 different heads, adult Male, adult Female, and a boy, and that of the canopy too. Check it out here:


Hi Everyone,
Well here they are. Final versions of a small kit I modeled. A CROSSOVER set of sorts, that I think some TF and G.I. Joe fans will enjoy. If interested, please visit my Shapeways Store at:

The models shown were printed in the Full Color Sandstone material now available on Shapeways, in addition to a few others like Frosted Ultra Detail, White Strong Flexible and White Strong Flexible Polished. Please be sure to read my brief disclaimer about the colored material before ordering. The figure is still able to transform with the head(s) attached, be it a tight fit. The dome can pivot up and down in bot mode, allowing you to conceal or reveal the human heads. The dome can also store in vehicle mode, but has to be removed during transformation. It’s a fun kit that gives the illusion of a G.I. Joe scale figure in a transformable exosuit, definitely adding to the playability of an already cool toy. Questions and comments are always welcome. And feel free to share the picture. Thanks. -Tecrom Designs



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