X2Toys Clones – Cloudraker & Fastlane + Pounce & Wingspan

X2Toys once showed a digital render of Orion Pax’s trailer. We thought it was XT005. Some clues were recently unveiled showing that XT005 could be the Clones – Cloudraker & Fastlane, and Pounce & Wingspan. We even thought that the digital render that has a silhouette of something that looks like a Voltron Lion was a joke as it was shown/reported during April 1st. Low and behold, the clues have been uncovered. We don’t know yet what this project is going to be named.

Pictures came form X2Toys’ weibo page.

These are the most recent clues…

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Here are the previous ones.

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Here’s a picture the G1 figures, which are also shown in the most recent pics.