Mastermind Creations R-08D Azalea Stealth Assassin STGCC Exclusive

Thanks to our friends over at The Falcon’s Hanger, we now have a sneak preview of the Singapore Toy, Games, & Comic Convention Exclusive, MMC R-08D Azalea Stealth Assassin. They will only be available at their booth, and there’s only 500 figures made. They have it at S$90 or roughly $72 USD. So, if you want one, you might want to go through a middleman or a friend who’s going to be at the con. Good luck!


Unseen and unheard, the assassin strikes in the dead of the night! Rumors abound regarding the boosted capabilities of this robot. Cloned by the good doctor himself and subverted by evil means, this silent and deadly robot bears no allegiance to anyone except herself and her clones. Woe betide the robot who crosses her path!