Toy Review: Transformers Generations Jetfire

Toy Review: Transformers Generations Jetfire by Hasbro. Its always exciting to see a new mold of Jetfire. Jetfire has always been one of my very favorite Autobots since G1. At first glance I see an awesome IDW artist’s artwork on the very cool Generations line box. I love boxes and feel that every figure should come in one so they can be taken out and placed back in whenever you want. The figure looks great. He is a great size and has really nice simple detail. The head has a removable battle mask that reveals his really cool face sculpt with great head rotation. The arms have great tight ratchet joints at the shoulder and bend at the elbow. The size of this figure should have allowed for added articulation for better posing, too bad. No waist movement. Legs also have a tight ratchet joint with some nice movement. The lack of articulation doesn’t get in the way of my enjoyment of this figure. I don’t like the amount of hollow parts in the arms, legs and the red chrome eyesore paint on the accessories. Red chrome can be remedied, check out the video below this post to find out how. The transformation on the figure is very easy and nicely engineered. The airplane mode looks glorious and yes, it has landing gear. Cockpit door opens up and I wish I had a little guy to put in there. I love this figure. I’m very pleased with the work that was put into this guy. Thank you, Hasbro!

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