Roadbuster – Cloud

Cloud Character


Warrior load Buster of cloud the world-space-time police Autobots. Wreckers he belongs to it’s special forces in the auto bot to deal with to any problems that threaten the order of the space-time world. In violent person often Wreckers of temper for the toughest mission, load Buster trust also in the fellow from honesty to serious personality and mission. But he who lives in battle has just clumsy to have a berth to that of non-combat, their own to fight for the space-time world of peace and have had always a conflict of whether not not get used to the peace.But it also is because he is too serious, but the original He has a gentle calm mind.Is usually of action to cherish the fellow more than anyone has speak for themselves.
Load Buster being fluent in the development and maintenance of weapons not only combat, and making full use of armed “Caliber Arms” favorite consisting of a plurality of firearms that were themselves adjusted, corresponding to flexibly to all aspects by combining them It’s possible.
Unknown power of “SARA”, if the dimension mode was obtained if he, it would be a great hero to save a lot of space-time world and companion. Such him peaceful world and his friends must have me welcome kit warm.

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Bot Mode

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Alt Mode

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