Chapter 1: Fourth Episode – Cloud

Transformers – Cloud

Guardians of Time

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Fourth episode "determination"


Fourth Episode:
“SARA” … it are intended to be called a “core” to maintain the cloud world, was also in the presence was hidden at the same time unknown risk and unlimited potential. Its essence has been to be the energy of the higher-order, it has been carefully stored and managed by the Autobots us at the small unit takes the shape of spark bot Metropolis Center district in the facility.But …. When he has been deprived of “” SARA “to di … Decepticons! Such a thing is …! ! ” Optimus heard a communication from the ratchet doubt my ear, it was almost hit by a feeling like my brain circuit is short-circuited. He has to understand than anyone the importance of “SARA”, there was not a thing may be in the hands of the wicked. Optimus as opposed to Megatron that stopped the movement begin to talk to be heard also in Optimus open the communication device in the left arm in a loud voice.”Reported case !! the situation” “Megatron sama! We take the” SARA “of purpose from Autobot Our! ” It has a high brain and calm judgment among members of the Decepticons, most loyalty communication from one eye of man that try to enter the Megatron. “Hahha~tsu Hahhahha~tsu! Well done’ll Shockwave !!” to hear the strategy success of the report, Megatron of attitude laughs triumphantly vary hit. “! Na …. Decepticon’s Petit Con withdrawal! Purpose has been achieved and go No way well up here” against Megatron you are going Tachisaro rebelled themselves, Shouting as Optimus, which has been much stood the shock is returned to us “Well, the wait Megatron!’ll not about yet settled!” violent shaking from the voice also to be deprived of “SARA” was felt. “Settled … when is it?” Megatron is I give out without looking even face of Optimus. “Hmph, these kind of things can earn time to take away the” SARA “, only to Zaregoto sewn! I did not think he wanted to be up about this! ! ” “I … in the strategy of the case thoroughly destroy the integrity Megatron like? Metropolis What does it mean?” you do not swallow the circumstances Starscream is ask to Megatron. The real purpose of this strategy called to take the “SARA” I had not been informed only in part of the Decepticons that Megatron and he admits. “Do not skip mess, I’ll explain as you can see in your head later! Such after you dominated the whole space-time. Yukuzo, Starscream !!” “is … Yes Megatron like! heh, scrapes the Na Optimus!” Optimus inhibition of in vain, Megatron and Starscream went fly away from Metropolis. “Well, wait !! Megatron !!!”Optimus pick them up and the gun, I put aim to go away Megatron us. “If either? Optimus! Have to do that,” Optimus that took up the gun is returned to us to see the Megatron that was floated a fearless smile. The “Ku …, now I should go back to the early headquarters as possible for confirmation of the situation ….” I managed to regain usual sober thinking, to activate the communication device. “Ratchet! I to aggregate immediately all troops in operations headquarters, I also immediately Back !!”and “Okay, send the urgent communication to all Autobots!” Optimus began to run and then transformed into vehicle mode .Optimus returns than almost warriors each district of all troops when they arrived at the mission headquarters, I was waiting for the return of the commander. “Optimus Commander! Okay is either?!” was greeted Optimus that came into the headquarters and transformed into robot mode was a ratchet you turn on the communication. “Say my thing, than what was there or ask the report. It” ratchet you have to understand the situation of each district remain in the headquarters was Hanashidashi to the chagrin down. “Commander could after being sortie …. At the timing when the Autobot warriors in each district began arriving battle that is being attacked, reinforcements of Decepticons that was hiding became thin defensive center infiltrate to the point, I took away the “SARA”. Although garrison was desperately resistance, but did not fully protect not compete because it was caught off guard …. ” ratchet to regret that his grasp was not Ikitodoka. Autobot warrior of one person from the back came out in front in a meek ​​look, it’s Skids is one of the garrison, which has been fighting to protect the “SARA”. “Optimus commander, I said, ‘to just could not protect the SARA” … Sorry ” to Skids to apologize hold the received portions would have been inflicted on the Decepticons grievous wound Optimus speak in a calm tone. “Kiou Na by Skids, And ratchet. My mistake. I should have to calmly analyze the situation before it is dispatched.” Optimus saying is while reflecting on their own you’ve jumped at the sight of Megatron, such I was feeling again chagrin and threats when he his actions even was of the tactics of Megatron. “When it comes to, fellows of the large-scale destruction activities it is not all say it was a feint or … Damn! Fairly and not either! ‘S Saddle obtained of this” Hot Rod that has been returned to the operations headquarters clench a fist to the chagrin down.”Nante” SARA “is deprived … I do should I do now …. ” Zawatsuku open around the Autobots who also each mouth. They had been driven by strong anxiety that you have never experienced before. “” Stable SARA “that there is no of Metropolis … of good and cloud world itself will may not be able to maintain! ? Oiler who is the other end of it a do or commander! ? ” The panic Bumblebee is appeal to Optimus. While Minibotto petite body usually has a brave heart He also could not but grave the complaints in this emergency. “Settle down do’s Bumblebee! Everyone too!” also words of Optimus, which bring together the Autobots in and usually if cry, had been drifting air stagnant sink in the room can not be the only time you as possible to pay everyone’s anxiety. “Time to have depressed is not!” Optimus was Ihana~tsu rising strongly so as to inspire yourself. “Although in the current emergency energy to somehow keep the cloud world few days it also has further without” SARA “the space move also can not function of virtually Autobot headquarters when it has ended up paralyzed …. and how to it is also necessary to take back than Megatron us the “SARA” until its energy is exhausted! ” “chopper … Please wait a moment, commander. and retake …?” Optimus is to jazz that spoke at the surprised look to speak with a strong resolve. and “Yes. invade the Decepticons home in the underground, I regain the” SARA “in our hands! ” Everyone is confused in this remark. Speaking of underground is a brutal lawlessness that does not actually-class such as the common sense of the unknown place … Metropolis who had never set foot even in the Autobot us. It was understandable reaction with them say Domo of how much veteran as Decepticons our body that has been showing off about just hurts the outrage is the bottom of the residents. Meanwhile, one of the Autobots ask to Optimus. It is a Herculean proud warrior blown that Mukaeu~tsu the Decepticons in urban areas. “It is such do would I guess go easy? To say that underground wide, information home less and guys where I do not know be in the by?” Braun also is equally Minibotto and Bumblebee, and imagine from petite physique I have the power and courage that not even. But such he also did not hide the confusion in this situation. “Can I Na, if you follow it because it is okay blown. Decepticons there is no energy reaction itself is hidden so of” SARA “trying how Kuramaso the figure with respect to location. Be sure to regain the “SARA”, now what to wear a Megatron and settled in this hand …. ” to perceive the idea of Optimus blown raises the voice. “Ma … No way commander?!” “Oh, underground to go by myself! The” SARA “has been deprived of it must take the responsibility as leader of my mistake … Autobots. ” the proposal of Optimus Autobots Everyone is surprised. “How much anything is reckless commander, to remain also damage your body!” ratchet is caring the body of Optimus as a doctor in more than as subordinates.”The have been hurt everyone even’s the same, that’s why I go by myself. Everyone just in case ask the rescue of repair and urban areas.” and “Why do not us to sloppy, commander” watching the situation was Hot Rod was interrupted the words of Optimus in bitterness down. “Certainly you have been mistaken judgment.” “Hot Rod … I’m sorry.” saw Rodimasu Optimus you have received pointed out from Hot Rod in severe facial expressions. “But, it was led to such results may we also because was once and for all rely on the commander. It is likely Even this time, and committed all to commander we just waiting … So you do not repeat could the same mistakes.” Hot Rod can tell plainly to fit the Optimus and eyes “and let’s say you what, I also … Nevertheless, we also Tsuiteiki.” “go alone saying -” and “No, it does not let go” of Hot Rod seriously look to Optimus hesitate such. Look at the situation, other Autobot warriors also raise the voice. “Yes’m Commander! I also!” “We also please let go! do not need can not believe to sit still in crisis of this world!” Autobot warriors us that had sunk to the seriousness of the situation until now to the one after another volunteered as returned to. Its appearance in the Optimus was loosen the facial expressions feel the Tanomoshi and relief, This is what’s a fellow who has been defended both the cloud world and each space-time until now. “I’m sorry … I also was about to make a mistake. If that can be combat warrior, except those who face the serious injuries and part of the rescue me ready, intense in Megatron us now that we triumphantly Ban’s “to sympathy for such counterimmediately Autobots who take to prepare. Anxiety is certainly, but no longer is their figure of just get lost frightened just up earlier. Its look was of the brave warriors hardened their determination to save the Tadashiki, love the world along with the leader. “Thank you, you owe it Hot Rod” “Please be good, you do it by the strength are supporting everyone as a leader” but the Hot Rod in some places reckless to youthful, its passion when such is become a major force … Optimus I was again thanks to his strength. At that time, blown are advised to Optimus. “Commander! You yourself go!” “blown, you can not afford to take damage in the previous battle is large., to make known” certainly blown to have suffered a setback by the raids in urban areas was, but he also similarly pain more emotion and Optimus had moved the body. “Commander! I’m not permitting their guys … and that did not stop it that began to destroy the Metropolis!” was confronted by the The whom that is suddenly destroyed was a peaceful town in patrol blown The sadness and anger strong, it was not possible to stop his determination in Optimus. “… Prepared to’ll become to some wonder Na? Cloud dangerous mission that may prove to be able to toss a life for the world.” The “is OK, there is no intention of most die. Decepticons Our in this superhuman strength blown sama I’ll I’ll do is to regret that it has angered! ” Optimus that has received the word came to feel that his own was also encouraged. After Sukoku, Optimus to the Alone warriors declare in valiant reliable voice than usual. “Beauty In! Just from now I will start the” SARA “recapture strategy! Aim is underground! ! Autobot warrior … transform! ” time is left too little, full confrontation of Autobots versus Decepticons in the countdown to the collapse was about to begin.

Story by Makoto Wakabayashi