Chapter 1: Prologue & First Episode – Cloud

Transformers – Cloud

Guardians of Time

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Beginning of the universe was one of the events ….
Has many of the space-time was born through the tremendous explosion of the all enough to free. Since the space-time were present in each “time flow”, time and space has resulted to be inflated trackless.

Creation major presence of life to create a special space-time field of managing space when a number, in order to permanently manage “time flow”, when it was born the robot is a non-organic life and they disturbed imposes the responsibility for stabilizing the space, was given a serving Creator advocate “SARA” space-time world the “cloud”.
Through the time of eternity, and enjoyed robot is a non-organic life forms, its own evolution into a super-robot life form that had the deformation capacity, as the administrator of the “cloud” called “Transformers”, an advanced civilization now.

Serving Creator advocate “SARA” in order to maintain the cloud world, required a huge energy. Because it was necessary to obtain the excess energy of the different space-time therefore, an administrator of the cloud world transformers we will help of “SARA” and transform capability “transform”, could be used to traverse the space-time world. And become to play a role can call to as “space-time Police” by relating the number of space-time world, it might be said that the results of only natural.

The space-time moving help of “SARA”, it is possible to move by releasing the gate dimensions. Therefore the importance of presence and ability of “SARA” understands all residents who are in the cloud, it easily near mutual agreement is contraindicated (taboo), and had been guarded strictly by the administrator our space-time. Therefore prosperity and calm peace had been expected to continue forever ….

However, I was only forever, such as fantasy.
The benefit of “SARA”, the city “Metropolis,” which enjoyed a high degree of civilization and peace in contrast, dilapidated underground world violence and disorder will dominate “underground” was present in the cloud world . There is banished the Metropolis, spatio-temporal movement is also a world of lawlessness that wriggling is prohibited those who.
Once one of the transformers that have been banished to the underground is, by that rebelled the Hanki to Metropolis, the world begin increments the new “at the time of the flow” ….



First Episode: Determine Cause

Space-time police Autobot headquarters located in Metropolis, at the monitor room to observe each space-time, it was one of the transformers buy that instructs the Autobots take the leadership. Large and robust, was physique should say exactly Ijofu and even. At first glance, Im rice casting, also felt a kind of tenderness with strength from its Aoku glowing eyes. His name is Optimus Prime, is the commander-in-chief of the Autobots.
“You see, I guess Wheeljack. Space-time is stable.”
“Optimus commander”
robot with a white body to the observation of space-time at Autobot headquarters, next to the neck while the troubled face Wheeljack pretend, I turned around.
“I want to I’m mountains has happened is disturbed by the chisel commander. Unfortunately the first 33HM space-time Na. A good report,”
his words that speak the lookout and ears, always a little optimistic to hear.
Optimus KEEP squint.
“Degree of turbulence Why do not?”
“is now still small amount … potatoes Wagahai of calculation there a danger that later becomes larger Na.”
“Do so, still but so badly is unlikely, it is necessary to direct as soon as possible someone Yes … yes. Bumblebee and Ironhide !! me put the communication so that it directs to the local ”
of another person toward the monitor Transformers, Iron Hyde replied while collecting the information of the first 33HM space-time.
“I understand. It directs the urgent Bumblebee to local.”
Optimus in that you can feel his strong will and action from strong reply was happy.
Optimus saw the hand of the monitor, notice that there is no completion report from the Hot Rod.
“? The no communication from Hot Rod who is in the first 24BW space-time”
“I do not yet. Do you put the communication?”
“surplus energy harvesting is delayed. me keep putting the communication as to hurry if possible.”
Iron Hyde is confident in full face, turn around in Optimus who are behind.
The “Okay you. If you seem to be struggling this I do I’ll do notify them that’ll’m okay doing it go to help boarded by!”
Optimus figure going boarded in space-time that are Ironhide is the Hot Rod was not gloating Imagine.
“The residents of life is supported by the excess energy of the other space-time. It is what we will be able to a rich life, and thing holds if there is” SARA “dimension gate, and above all bring the space-time energy. All of things like energy in the sector is not spread is never there do not be. They both’ll continue to ask the monitor! Wheeljack, Ironhide. ”
powerful Optimus of Wheeljack and Ironhide in words is rising, to match the breath Hamo I was a reply to Optimus as that.
“I understand!”
space-time police autobot our mission, so that it can be smoothly collected excess energy in the other space-time is to maintain a peaceful life by observing and managing the respective space-time. But the Optimus had a Ichimatsunofuan. … Was remembering one Transformers figure of which was behind the scenes at the back of the peaceful metropolis.

Cloud in the world, there was a dilapidated underground world dominated anarchy and violence in addition to Metropolis “underground”. Desperadoes exiled the Metropolis is in there, not receive the benefit of the dimension gate and “SARA”, spatio-temporal movement also had been prohibited. Energy depleted … situation was to completely changed by the day-to-day even mom become unexpected was the situation of one person Transformers life
in the large square that transformer is located in the underground center, organization of at unprecedented scale wanted was I had opened the meeting. Transformers that are in there, and dressed in a silver armor that was wounded in countless fights, had a ponderous sword that was brought to the back. From oozing ambition, it is I know he is not the ordinary person at a glance.
Darkness ahead, the crowd is staring at one point. Sharp-eyed will emerge echoing a large voice at the same time.

“I comrades of the underground.”
A wide variety of Arakuremono who has that had gathered in large square subside once. Attention of everyone in the large square is directed to one of the Transformers on Dan.
He and one staring the swarming crowd in front of the eyes, was the sky began to raise the finger-pointing again voice.
“The ground of living in Metropolis person who borrowed the power of and dimension gate” SARA “, has attracted the energy of other space-time in large quantities. And what inconvenience not to thrive on it, I have sent a rich life ”
long silence. Transformers on Mayumi is, overlooking the crowd slowly and carefully. If among the things that depresses a foot on the back of the world is that, you do not know who was Moi heavyweights our shadow that is not.
“But compared to it, we are not even allowed What’s …? We be more than the space-time, without even the benefit, he has been relegated to the underground, which was fully devastated!”
him once big breath suction, Swinging up a fist trembling in anger, screaming.
“Is this inequality !! this unreasonable !! what to!?
This remains to silence, eyes and turned away, Hateru of whether differents from hope in the wilderness!? ”
gradually accelerated speech while calling for the Transformers who you are in the underground to.
“No! Now is precisely those who have a certain! Forces in time of the uprising is !! and he’ll Omoishirase to guys who are in Metropolis that serving true ruler”
“Oh Oo~o o Oooo~o~o~o~o !!!!”
planthoppers of thunderous cheers and roar of the more blood is swaying from gathered crowd as. Underground outlaw who has had to share the first time one of think.
“As usual of the ~ Na is charisma, Megatron-like”
put a voice of praise as flatter and Star Scream, which has been ahead behind.
“Hmph! I do not want to hear such flattery of differents. What is it? When you hide the ulterior motive little”
was towards the eye to Megatron again spectators and coldly to Ichi暼the Starscream.
“Flashpoint I have had from the beginning. I unexpected merely to just poured the oil.
This time the …. that this chance …. was how eagerly or …! dropping the Metropolis ”
while smiling fearless smile If so muttered, Megatron shouted again swung up a fist just to the last finish.
The “Now’ll go! aim is !!! the Metropolis !! glory in our hands”
“Decepticons corps … transform !!!!”

Story by Makoto Wakabayashi