Chapter 1: Second Episode – Cloud

Transformers – Cloud

Guardians of Time


Second episode "raid"


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Second Episode: Prone Attack
Hot Rod, which had been the collection of surplus energy in the first 24BW space-time until the earlier has been returned to the Autobot campaign headquarters. “Fu~u ~. Was feedback right now than the first 24BW space-time.” The young Transformers was reported in over appeal slightly in a loud voice. Proud of crimson Botti and chest and奔Ru Fire pattern. Is not just flashy looks, it is also known as a daredevil of Metropolis one. His name is Hot Rod. Is a young warrior of the Autobots he went breath sitting on my desk in the operations headquarters to come back from the 24BW space-time. Surplus energy and whether hot Lodi was lingering in collecting trout seem to have tired was oozing. “Collection of surplus energy in the first 24BW space-time, Hot Rod was hardships. Na took a long time.? The was something” by guess tired of Hot Rod, delay of energy harvesting over the words of Optimus appreciation I was asked to report on. “No, first I had taken a steady surplus energy, but suddenly it’ll’m disturbance of space-time is not the energy collected far from occurring. But do not worry. Because’ve managed to also keep disturbance of space-time No problem. commander. ” Hot Rod begin a light stretch greatly increased body. “Misfires, always been always busy harvesting of surplus energy, it is not easy also to improve the stability of the cloud world. Commander”Optimus talk to Hot Rod with a laugh. It’s a must have enormous energy to it, “Yeah. But we have managed” SARA “. When the supply of energy is insufficient to space-time in our world and countless would out great influence. Therefore surplus energy harvesting is he essential. ” At that time, shaking of the tremendous explosion and the ground was blocking the two of conversation. Loud alarm resounds in the entire Autobot headquarters. “!” Optimus request reports on Autobots who overlooks the monitor in the myriad. “What? This alarm?!” ratchet that was in the operations headquarters call. “Optimus commander! Is a pattern gate has been destroyed in the Third District! Has received the city is attack!” “Do not, and What did you say!?” for many years, peace within in Metropolis, which has enjoyed a stable Optimus to the report of vandalism a moment, could not believe my ears. “Ratchet! Let me report the third district of detailed information you want! Damage situation.” “We are collecting the now information! Please a little wait.” properly console ratchet arms from before you hear the order of Optimus I was running on. “I know Optimus commander! Details. Gate of the third district is suddenly destroyed by bombing from the sky, intruder unknown to the city is more than confirmed pattern !!” Optimus to confirm. “When the Bookshelf, What Even attacks from without intruder in …? Accident!? Damage situation of the third district?” ratchet is between the eyebrows and wrinkled to, report to Optimus in a voice that is not the voice while biting the lips a. “Third District is …, is a devastating state ….” Optimus shock and enough seems that it might be become outages. But his thoughts Circuit, was functioning normally without having to stop. “What, is devastated …. Hurry up the confirmation of intruder !!” Hot Rod that was silent until it to the instruction of the Optimus is anger and strikes a fist on the wall! “Damn … !!” ratchet has reported a follow-up on the intruder as if responding to the Hot Rod of the curse. “Surveillance camera will projected to capture I was! Monitor the intruder !!” on the main monitor of the operations headquarters of one of such attitude ridicule autobots us, a heck of Transformers is projected. “Star Scream’s like calling on! This even Kurae Tsu !!” Transformers identified himself with Starscream had continued the destruction of the city. … Ratchet that tweet with confused look while watching the worst of the situation in the monitor. “What …? ‘S Starscream””Do not, why should have to …? underground guys here ….” Optimus is per both hands on desk, muttered under his breath while lowering the head. Optimus he had the idea to the intruder us. Look at the picture of the city that is being attacked, to the advised way to go to Hot Rod can also help in the home is not Optimus standing may stay. “At this rate is the guys of Omoutsubo! Let’s go to stop the guys !! Optima over …!” was interrupted the conversation of Hot Rod again alarm rang. Ratchet you have to check the status of each district rises in the surprised look. and “It’s the seventh new intruder !! also the district”Optimus is to raise the face, again to face the screen. “Do, What!? …!? In this timing” to report the ratchet is the status of the seventh district to Optimus. “Currently, there is in fighting back is blown was patrolling the city, the number of enemies you are looking for more relief!” Optimus is the moment you try to issue an instruction to direct the relief, a new alarm is ringing one after another was. “Now the first 6, 8, 13 district has been attacked!” in a situation that has been one after another another district attack, Optimus was thinking about the identity of the analysis and the enemy of the tactical situation to deal calmly.”Damn! How do I have become!?” Hot Rod is kicking a chair, and looked up at the monitor in a wrathful look. and “settle down do’s, Hot Rod! Apparently this attack is trying to Midaso our commanders to disperse the …. forces seems to have been crafted in-depth strategy.” Even while Optimus coaxed the Hot Rod, under I had imagined that of one of the transformers supposed to be ground. Optimus to decision. “Now can not be helped even if we are troubled, we also return fire divided the troops !!!”Optimus issue instructions to the ratchet. “Ratchet! Urgently put a communication to the Autobot warriors are located in each district, the defense of the district, which is under attack and me to prompt you for going to repel the intruder!” and “Okay! Optimus commander !! ” Furthermore Optimus issues an instruction to Hot Rod looking at the monitor in the impatient look.”Now, I protect Metropolis from intruders facing the district that you too are under attack! Hot Rod!” The voice of Optimus, has been put expectations of precaution against young warrior. The “Okay commander. it’ll !! go guys Me! now” Hot Rod is switching the feeling, it was after the operations headquarters is transformed to the started running car as if it had forgotten the tired up earlier. Optimus while watching his Rear View, was also in the district have received the rest of the attack to prompt you for directing the Autobots us. And I begin the preparation of weapons in order to compete himself in battle. At that time, silver tanks that reflected in the monitor has caught the eye of Optimus. “Ratchet. Me reflects the situation of the 13th district on the main monitor.” and “I understand, Optimus commander.” are to the projected video armed with a huge gun barrel in silver, a city heavy armor of tanks alone had been destroyed. “This huge tank is …?” Optimus I had to feel the pressure, such as a strong aura emanating from the tank. Optimus was allowed to examine the reaction of the person in a hurry, the ratchet. “Ratchet! Metro was expelled the police who we are, should have been recorded the individual energy signal as criminals registration! Me from the memory bank looking for a reaction of political prisoners X-86.” “I understand. commander government! ” ratchet was searching for information about the “political prisoners X-86” from the vast historical data. Information of “Optimus commander.” Political prisoners X-86 “was hit. Displays! ! ” was projected on the screen, type and capacity value of the energy signal of “political prisoners X-86”, is any and all information relating to him such as the type of weapon was displayed. “And monitoring of tanks, will match the individual recognition data of the X-86. Guy on earth ….” to ratchet questions, Optimus called by anger. “Again and what was the work of differents,” political prisoners X-86 “! ! … Such as a guy that can be summarized Arakure-domo of underground, I because no early! ! ” Optimus takes to hand the gun of love, to after the campaign headquarters. The “waiting Iro me!” political prisoners X-86 “! No, Megatron! ! In order to protect the peace of the cloud world and residents of this universe all of space-time I fight! ! Our mind I’ll again tell you that you can not dominate the only fear and violence! ! “

Story by makoto Wakabayashi

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