Chapter 1: Third Episode – Cloud

Transformers – Cloud

Guardians of Time

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Third episode, "karma"


Third Episode: Inn
Political prisoners X-86 ··· “Megatron” was once engaged as a member of the space-time police, but was often conflict with Optimus about the management of space-time and “SARA”. Optimus had thought that respect for each space-time world “SARA” is to continue to use in order to merely maintain the peace of the cloud world of development and the space-time, Megatron for military purposes the mighty power of “SARA” By using, I was thinking that we should dominate the whole space-time by force. Time together with both of groove deepened, finally Megatron to a declaration of war rebelled against Optimus we collect yourself to agree Transformers us. Optimus who is struggling in order to fulfill its mission to protect the cloud world, was barely won that fight. The rebellion was Megatron who was had been banished to the underground world underground. “Hehe~tsu, when it comes guys Futameku hurry to me like the attack. Ze feel good at all.” order Starscream that was attacking the third district to report to Megatron, it flew by deforming the jet. “Transform! Megatron like!” the merry look at it landed on the ground by transforming the triumphant robot mode “Starscream or …. differents of the post but it should not be here, it’s use what the heck?” Star Megatron that Kemutagaru the Scream. “I am not able to correspond at all thanks to the guys Megatron-like tactics of the third because the district of attack has been completed and I come to report. Misfiring Autobots. So effortless battle is so rare.” Megatron to ulterior motives is visible sheer attitude of ingratiation answer by fed up. “Guy that differents …, Have you come to say such a thing up here ….” “such a thing and it is what is! actually surely please the competence of my eyes If you look at the veterans … “at will can understand while you make the ingratiation, containing the single communication to Starscream. “Starscream !!” “What, or Thundercracker. Now busy, and me and after” that’s “busy! it will!? not a Koch precisely far from it only has smoked sesame in anyway trivial thing, Autobots guys gathered … Gua §!? “the counterattack came to listen to the communication, confident full of Starscream look up just went changed the look of horror within a moment in silence of the line of sight of Megatron. “Also, the guys back to No Megatron like Right Now! Sorry …” It is at that time. One of the transformers is Tachihadakari in front of the two parties, I gave a manly voice. “What was still differents from! Starscream, and … Megatron !!” was strong the figure which stood in the earth, Aoku glowing that transformer what Autobot Total Commander Optimus Prime that was dwells the unwavering intention to the pupil. “Optimus …! After a long time: I see … still do was differents it is to meet this me.” lived “Megatron … differents is Na. suits of the underground world but since we in exiled the Metropolis challenge the battle How are you? “is comfortable while holding the tone also, it is felt anger against that which has been destroyed fellow and urban love from Optimus. “Kukkukku …! Oh, you guys Autobots that living To cosily the best was the Is the … Metropolis, Naa but would unexpected to imagine” and Kurae “story is! Optimus !! This even he up there !! “Starscream will block the conversation, gives off a large amount of missiles aiming at the Optimus. But Optimus to avoid it without difficulty, were punched out Starscream of shoulder to reverse in precise shooting! “Gi~ii … Hey ah ah ah ah Aa !!!!!”Starscream is blown away while screaming deafening. “I not a somehow become partners in this fool! Guy differents! Down me !!” “to, but Megatron like …” Megatron will ignore the Starscream to torture in damage, prepare the war readiness. “Megatron, settled! Or do not we gonna of Itsuzoya” and “like a place where I want Optimus … before Ikanzo!” both to put their thoughts into weapons while standoff. Optimus to gun the Seething anger to that was destroyed the city love, Megatron is a defunct murderous end to the eye of the previous nemesis to sword. Both were close to the Maai last minute. Sensor of the pupil to lock each other, driving part of the whole body is tense, even heard such silence beating of life (spark) visits. Which is two people that are also at the same time excellent warrior and is a leader … or launch earlier, the various events that took place until it had heard the chance of attack while remembered as a revolving lantern. It is at that time. Two occur explosion around, the attitude of Optimus was slightly broken by the vibration. It was not a Megatron miss the chance. The Kakaru sword to Optimus and depression in an instant. Opponent was completely caught was blow! But! “Transform!” Optimus instantly by modifying its appearance to the trailer, was ramming himself into Megatron. “Goodbye!?” tough trailer body and silver dull sound that armor has collided of echoes around. Megatron Cry intense counter is blown behind large. “Kurae Megatron!” Optimus is just me unleash the beam and Reflexes chase and return to instantly robot mode from the trailer. But immediately rise Megatron to the emitted beam to Ittoryodan. The “sweet I!” energy of Megatron is the sword torn beam was attacked aiming at Starscream who was in backward scattered. “Uwaaa!? Megatron like §! Please help me!” without also be kept to care about the subordinates to avoid while rolling, both the fight go extremely more harsh. “Hahhahha~tsu! Truly is not either! Is doing Optimus …” “what differents, previous Do not! does not seem to be in Megatron” while avoiding the Kengeki of Megatron to be paid out vacation without, Optimus than ever before of the enemy’s eyes had to feel and a has become stronger. It also tries to open the disadvantage and distance in proximity game, onslaught of Megatron is not allowed to escape the prey from its Maai. Gradually read the motion, go No Way Out …. The “I got was gonna!” sharp point of a sword that captures the Key points are close to Optimus. The Optimus you have realized that and not be avoided unavoidably caught with a gun, bites deep sword to the barrel.But Megatron When put an evil smile and threw the gun every sword of Optimus, has been verge beat in their own hands. The blow to Optimus of body flinch tailed off guard, more fist blow and steel sinks mercilessly. “Yoizo! Until this hand in the Nomesu hit the differents this feeling … now or …! Awaited how this moment (time)” to repeat a further intense beatings to Optimus that fell. “I’ll I’ll ask if there is a testament Optimus!” “It’s what if you reconsider what …” fighting spirit in the eyes of Optimus has not yet disappeared. “Nobody can stop me! Even in Optimus differents …” At that moment, the back of the Canon of Optimus blew the fire towards the Megatron. energy unit that he is carrying usually he also become a powerful weapon. But Megatron as possible received tearing the other one of Kodachi that had concealed the blow. Both again achieve a pause to take a distance.”It’s a good attack, Optimus. Is not an anti-it!” “yellow, differents also much force’s Megatron …” suddenly in the middle of a conversation, containing the communication strategy from headquarters to Optimus. The “death, and commander! Please reply!”and “What, ratchet! briefly Tsutaero!” Megatron heard the panic voice of ratchet that were still in operations headquarters, spilled a smile Lower the fist. “It is … it is …” and “I say quickly without you are are! dismay say that what!” and began impatience also Optimus noticed from the appearance to the seriousness of the situation. “Is” SARA “from Metropolis center by the hand of … entered! Decepticons has been robbed! “

Story by Makoto Wakabayashi