ACToys Iron Factory Interview (Translated)

Iron Factory Interview (Translated)

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(Please note images of what looks to be a Legends Class sized Ultra Magnus)

Nine grass continues today by the people and King Kong the same heart to give us a third party “Ironworks” Interview 

Interview Record
Members ACTOYS friends Hello everyone, we are a third party Iron Works, very pleased to accept this interview.

1. The first is for the name of curiosity, how do you think the “iron plant” is the name? The name is almost in an instant decision, in the third-party brands are the initials mainstream environment, we want a little impressed, so I want to use Chinese characters named; since then happen to have a friend write a calligraphy “iron”, Yes, that’s our logo inside the word, my mind “bang” and click on flashed the “iron factory,” the name, simply to use. If we can remember impressive, it would be great.

2. cliché, is what kind of motive or opportunity when you set up the iron factory that third party? A lot of friends are eating toy meal, we were promoted for a moment, then opened the iron works (laughs). Of course, we are also toys, hardcore, all full of love to do it is with a third party, I believe that the initial motivation for every third party is not it 🙂

3. Iron Works is probably convenient positioning or direction with you disclose it? Macroscopic view, with respect to the kind of Toys “ collection of one, playing one sermon a “positioning (MP05 first deformation sweating experience we have it), we are more inclined to” enjoy the play “The direction, in our recent sale of the IF-EX02 (later referred IF02) products, we should be able to feel our thoughts. In addition to the toy itself deformation of play, there are many mutual stitching, or with other Transformers products with gameplay, as well as many pieces together two IF02 play. With the continuous expansion of our small-scale diamond product line, the subsequent play will be more abundant. We also hope that we can always put our products in the hands playing, rather than in the closet ash.   Also very grateful to the 30th anniversary of fierce Marshal this product can really do a lot of articles around him.   From the details in terms of the kind we like IDW comics stout thick mechanical sense, big thick arms with a sense of really big fist! We are very focused on humanoid forms when stature ratio to the maximum extent possible comics in three-dimensional feeling. Although we do is a small proportion of products, but the palm grip diameter of the hole, but weapons and D class V level , like Oh!


4. Based on the current work, iron works out of the first one is fitting, then the design is based on IDW fierce Marshal and with a small proportion of the Transformers, why outset invest legendary stage or small TF? The first accessory is to look at what is not their own line of dry material (laughs), by the first paragraph of this product FOC Grimlock accessories, has accumulated a lot of experience, has been criticized for the quality of everyone (blush), the IF02 in has been largely improved.   For now the flagship of the small proportion of TF, here reveal some secret words to develop it (laughs), originally IF02 is as fierce Marshal accessories developed, the first concept is a lot of weapons can be combined to split the group, mounted on a large fierce handsome body, classrooms become the vehicle can carry different turret (which IF02 did), the onslaught is not fit 2-3 fort-type target soldiers. But doing doing, it made ​​what it is today (laughs). Also add that, oh, disguised form of classrooms is a self-propelled artillery, not tanks, oh. IF02 after birth, that they alone, they are looking to take a few and fierce Marshal relations TF, do it to give them companionship, subsequent IF03 and IF04 and other products is born. After the birth of several small partners, the more determined we make a small percentage of the product direction, follow 05,06,07 etc. New products will be announced, please look forward to it 🙂 small

5. The future will gradually develop even Class D Class V class L toys it? Class V did in fact help a friend about (now seems not called Class V, huh ???), but is still a small proportion of products will continue to launch, in 2015 the plan is to win every two months out of a new product.   As an aside, in fact, relatively V and above the big guys, the small proportion of products that do not simply go up really, you can say each have their own difficulties. If we say that the difficulty lies in the design of the big guys, “try to make him look 360 ° two forms no dead ends,” then the difficulty is that the little guy, “How can this limited space, some of the things that unfolded all”, while must take into account the user experience, while also subject to restrictions on technology, so our products are also constantly fought before, and we see the face (laughs).

6. There can announce new aspects of the development plan? Such as iron factories have their own full range development plan, or that the overall layout of the iron factory in a field which will be focused on the development of official missing? The new development plan Well, in fact, our position has been very clear, that is a small percentage, playability, highly interactive product, the only thing of concern is actually related to the role of choice, in fact, until the little rounder so far, are We are constantly trying to stage weighty role, and we will continue to meet. If I have to say that what is missing official, our personal understanding is (just a personal humble opinion, where everyone was wrong correct me), in fact, had not the same official and third-party positioning. Official small proportion of products is more child-oriented, giving priority to the changing playing experience; and stature ratio movable and other issues, is not a priority. And a small percentage of our product positioning must be loyal hardcore, our customers are proportional control, play control. So with a small proportion of products, we pay more attention to the feeling of stature comic proportions, attention to mobility and product interaction; because all products are our own designs, but also to protect the unity of the series, in 2015 our main job is to speed up production progress, try to bring more products to everyone

7. The third-party product pricing has been generally higher than the official, on the future of marketing, customer holds rates, and cost pricing balance there with you disclose? The cost of production decisions, we all understand, in fact, an interesting phenomenon we have discovered the closer MP-level third-party products, the closer the official MP and price level. Instead, the smaller things, such as accessories, a few slices of dozens or even hundreds of plastic going good, people feel ridiculously expensive. Actually, no matter how simple plastic toys, the main cost difference is the number of production molds and labor, production processes and time costs are basically the same, so the more little things, giving is more expensive, the lower the cost of feeling . This and the famous “buy a large cup of coffee at Starbucks,” is similar to the truth.     We choose a small proportion of products, from simple in terms of interests, not the best choice, but why did not we love it (laughs). 8. The current number of third-party factories, products more, what do you think of good quality iron factory can make products have a competitive advantage? And let everyone loved the ironwork fragmented consumer market is the trend, so-called turnip greens all have love. We want your cupboard, with a layer never stood a group of ash, out to play every day for a little guy. If you are a small control, proportional control, playing the party, then do remember Follow us Ironworks Oh! Microblogging

part Products A FOC Grimlock Kit B stormed classrooms suit C Recorder

Some highlights of images posted with interview of different existing and future Iron Factory products.


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