Chapter 1: Fifth Episode – Cloud

Transformers – Cloud

The Recoil Thermocline

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Fifth Episode:
“Autobot warrior, Atakku!”
original adjutant-jazz of strong leadership, the Autobots we make a surprise attack aiming at the building … Decepticons base, such as the seemingly ruins is located in the earth of the underground that was rough.
“Oh … Autobot both Me, How did you found here!?”
puzzled Decepticons. Energy reaction of the street “SARA” that glared of Optimus he had become a reliable signpost to explore the Decepticons base in a vast underground.
“Decepticons Damm Domome! Now’s turn here is launch a total attack!”
of vigor thriving Autobot warrior Ironhide is I cry while flashes of gunfire.
“I I went Damn Me! At a time like Where is the guy of Megatron?!”
Decepticons aviation Starscream is lament while exposed to nature in impatience and confusion.
Battle of the Decepticons and Autobots that disturbance of the chain of command to the tired unexpectedly go intensified …. “… Clear. There is no appearance of the enemy.” carefully looked Hot Rod around, mutters. “There is no evidence that planted the trap commander.” “Okay, you intend to move ahead.” Optimus who received subsequent blown of reported instructs. Among unfolds the Autobots and Decepticons battle in the surface layer floor, three of Optimus Braun-Hot Rod had infiltrated deep into the enemy base. Purpose is the recapture of one … “SARA”. “Strategy that Megatron gave me also tell kindness, and Morao will be allowed to take advantage of” Optimus even while joking was enigmatic irony carefully to make sure the energy reaction finder of the “SARA”. Security of deep underground by the auto bot attack becomes thinner, in the ground of the battle where it advanced while the passage that was silenced eerily In contrast, three men stopped the foot. “Commander, in the back of this door …” blown tow tension in the tinged voice. “Oh, reaction of” SARA “I from here. It’ll be rush in unison, Hot Rod, blown, you ready? ” “Yes commander, how much always the enemy Overview” SARA in “‘m sure I can back! ” In response to words of Hot Rod, Optimus was rush to break the momentum well door. But had been waiting three people entered the room rather than such as guards … “Again whether you came, Optimus” Decepticons leader, was Megatron himself, and – ! “eye … Megatron … and hell I’m doing!? ” Optimus us to unexpected sight was upset. Megatron he was connected to his body as “SARA”. And he has to charge the power of “seeing Wakaranka?” SARA “in my body. The differents et al were asked to make the first move and strike before coming unconcernedly. ” one after another captures the overflowing energy from “SARA”, Megatron Among its body is like a very unstable, such as wrapped in flash dangerous situation responded in usual and unchanging attitude. “To do that, what!?” while wince to the energy of the aftermath to start spread in the room also Optimus asks. “Has been decided … get all the power of my own” SARA “, it is because to be a champion to rule them all space-time world! ! ” Listen to the declaration of Megatron blown raise the voice of anger. “It’s champion of all space-time world!? It is that deprive the power of” SARA “is saying what nonsense it is to say that lead to the collapse of the cloud world! ” Then it Semetateru also Hot Rod is. “You men who also’ll he will be perish with this world! Is it even say be nice!” “I’m small fry both retracted in!” Megatron was shot towards the two people the enormous energy from the hand . “Uwaaaa !!” and Aragau force decent to undergo a that can not be, Hot Rod and blown was blown away violently. Amount of energy of “SARA” is he not the individual transformers are cut – hardly withstand. “Both people! Megatron … differents!” Megatron Optimus burning in anger shot in the fellow stare in a more rugged look. “I should have talked before … the power of” SARA “is that there is more good utilization method. This enormous power is meaningful what is placed in the hands of the ruler himself! Rule of absolute power … That’s what you bring true order to the whole space-time! Certainly we if for this world that has disappeared to would be the ordeal … but cause does any means! ! “Optimus had lost the words to the madness of Megatron that looks or now. “If Oere absorb this force I flew to OG space-time that is said to the universe of alone will be able to even be more than the space-time … beginning to get started, Kureyo that?! Dominate incidentally try this force” the energy Megatron to raise a laugh of victory out flashes, and mutters in its Optimus had seen in a moment silence the state has decided to something look. “… Megatron, there may be a justice of Nari differents in differents. However, just because it get away abolished this world, the whole space-time to not be like he wanted to dominate the differents and squid not! Freedom to live in all space-time It is right that given all of the even …! ” Optimus to confirm the safety of fellow fallen while saying. “SARA” Hot Rod in that it had decent bathed energy to become unconscious Stasis lock state, Braun was a dangerous condition, but was also here to maintain barely consciousness. “Both of them, thank you so far. It’s the end of an instruction to … survive, say Na?” “tooth … commander … What the …?” After staring at him with just gentle eyes not respond to the voice of blown, Optimus I was again towards the face towards the nemesis. and “What’s wrong? or shoot us? what happens in the state that led the” SARA “Wakaranzo? ” already convinced the victory, and Seserawarau Megatron. and “Yeah, that is a translation must disturb the connection.” Ya say whether or Optimus instantly transform A to the trailer while fledgling, to go toward the straight line to Megatron! “No way differents! Or willing to interrupt the connection!? Is Once differents together with ALL …! Such a thing” Megatron to unexpected desperate action of Optimus was caught off guard.”If you protect this world, my’s lighter things about life …” moment both are collide, Atari energy of the flow is disturbed was wrapped in dazzling light. “Guooo!? … Damn … When this happens …!” while listening to the faint voice of the last minute struggle Megatron, consciousness of Optimus was cut off. “-!!!? Nephew nephew kun I guess okay” the heard a familiar voice is heard, Optimus regain consciousness. “Ratchet …?” finally started working the brain circuit, personal belongings of the landscape I notice a completely different thing within the earlier of the Decepticons base. unfamiliar organic forest landscape – and more empty, it also … surrounding yourself is “whether But look not through the move whether words completely, but I’m of our compatriots??.” met at the same Transformers us with their was. Nursing staff of the white body that hear the condition of Optimus … to Shirime the ratchet just like a person, another Transformers of mild likely atmosphere in Ganimata is compromise.”Regrettable as judged by appearance, many tried Nya. Oh, bar Whip Grana Wie …” “Well okay, words can be seen by …”Optimus is surprised while meeting. But it is also impossible not, before the subject’s eyes because he was just like the engineer Wheeljack of Autobots that Optimus is well know. It seems to have made ​​the space-time move apparently – Optimus gradually grasp the situation. When you hit the body to Megatron, caught up in space-time movement was about to make is Megatron and had been skipped in this world. And the place where it had fallen and he was discovered in this gang Optimus guess. Megatron and “SARA” What became of whether, or the cloud world is a safe? And here is how space-time of whether … a number of questions, but floating in the mind of Optimus, one of the answer became a thing can be seen immediately. “? Ratchet, what’s his situation” “It seems I do not know yet words leading, again I think I may be recognized as the same Transformers, Optimus commander” to hear a familiar name, Optimus belated notice – that the majority of transformers that are in its place is a figure that is very familiar with. Furthermore Megatron that is also recall situation that was trying to space-time move, Optimus believes that it is the world … “OG001 space-time” here begins. “OG001 space-time” – further information is to be one of the fundamental space-time of which has not been elucidated, it is believed that the space-time transformer tribal roots are present. Transformers our fact other space-time was similar who wonder in this space-time of the Transformers. The “? It seems to be what the something or upset but?” Optimus of this space-time – Let’s call for the sake of convenience G1 Optimus – is ask while reaching out. “I because seems quite damaged, what does not know whether or not there is unreasonable is better not to be” ratchet is tell while taking out the repair unit. Apparently this ratchet of the world in quite the Na seems meddler of cloud world Optimus – Cloud Optimus was wry smile in my mind. “Commander! Please do not let your guard down! Guy appearance, is not it is strangely similar or! No way Na would not not mean Decepticon spy!? Commanders” Like the color of chalk and the person you are aware of their own Look more Ironhide attitude of, cloud Optimus felt a strange sense of security said that another world. G1 Optimus is a question while slowly observe the Optimus of the cloud world while soothing the Ironhide. “Whether or not you let if words lead. You and … the girl who of the, I” It was what the answer was intended or thought about to cloud Optimus, in that there was a puzzling point to Now the question notice. “Girl?” says he is other Transformers our gaze ahead, toward the eye to his feet. Small presence that can be called unmistakable girl of what is in the machine body in there, and look at both and restlessly stood still in the uncomfortable situation. “… Who?” cloud Optimus involuntarily put out the true feelings to mouth. The folks around the state to look ahead in dubious look. In troubled tone of voice G1 Optimus Kikikaesu. “The child Zuttoita to you next, also a child of our drew attention. But someone heard anything answer’m not me … I do not the your fellow? Even if” the cloud Optimus girl’s face Look, she is also staring return. But He still look familiar did not.Heck this child? No How can tell it before first thing of his own to the inhabitants of this world? When the cloud Optimus has a loss for words …. “Dark Shiyagare Autobot Our!” attack from the sudden the sky, Autobots we take the combat system immediately. Voice echoing around. “Optimus! Or not still differents et al involved if Mire rushed because there was a big energy reaction! Decepticons corps, Atakku!” “Megatron …! What of it’s timing! auto bots, you’ve got to to spread out to intercept!”nemesis G1 Optimus to issue accurately instructed not rush to attack, while the Optimus of the cloud world … “Megatron!?”even while puzzled for a moment, immediately grasps the situation regain his composure. This also war of Autobots and Decepticons are waged in the world, I was reminded that those with the name of Optimus there were also those with the name of if also Megatron put. “And never get caught up in the fighting in this world …. It’s you is that it should be avoided to intervene deeply inherent in other space-time, but to surpass this opportunity … no way!” and gun while cloud Optimus Kabai the feet of the girl the Holding, began the attack to attack coming Decepticons. “! Kun, what the …” Is it battle did not expect to be able to, G1 Optimus to sudden support to raise the voice of surprise. “Story’s after, say one thing I can be … Now that ally of you guys shoot the guys was helping!” Autobot warriors of this world to direct the question of facial expressions to the proposal of joint struggle of cloud Optimus. But the air voice of the leader breaks. it “was found, it is not the case that now you are pursuing … Thanks to your cooperation! But you’ll get firmly story let Later!” Alone two of Optimus, this world Megatron -G1 Megatron saw it reveal the I give out the hatred. “He is what’s it? Be Shio~tsu a damn sight … this even Kurae! Which is similar to Optimus” to avoid in combination emitted Megatron fusion cannon, but two of Optimus there was this breath, I aimed the muzzle to G1 Megatron. That it is instantaneous. Mass air for a moment, all of the Transformers is instinctively was perceive the crisis … winding happen huge explosion immediately after you are on the spot. “Guwaaaa !!” “Nuo Oh you !!” armies of warriors, earth battle of the wilderness and become the Autobots and the Decepticons in a moment scooped out to be blown closed the unsatisfying curtain. When reflexively Optimus that threw himself a little girl also ensure the safety of their girl in the hand while wounded, and looked up to feel the enormous energy and excitement. Surrounding the Transformers also attention to figure that appears faintly than the line of sight of the earlier …爆煙. The “found Zo~o … Oputima~asu … Puraimu~u~u~u !!” shadow approaching while resounding voice like shudder. Silver body wrapped in armor, cold shining sharp sword that was held in the hand, it is cloud Optimus to know best, and was a partner you do not want to see the most. “Megatron …!”

Story by Makoto Wakabayashi

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