Chapter 1: Sixth Episode – Cloud

– The Violence Run –

(Forgive loose Google translation)

Sixth episode "runaway"

Illustrated by Hidetsugu Yoshioka
Story by Makoto Wakabayashi

“Again differents also huh … Oputima~asu …! Had been blown”
“eye … Megatron …!”
cloud to horror to reunion of the worst opponent Optimus, and look ahead to the anew opponent to escape the feeling the danger girl to Iwakage. Had appeared from among the爆煙shoots Sacchi was the his well cloud figure of Megatron … Megatron cloud of the world to know definitely. But –
“!?? you now … whether and … but he also seems to have called you and Optimus … it seems he called Megatron know … guy”
before the presence of the unknown that call each by name that sounds familiar to G1 Optimus were baffled.
“Know is there … is … This is …!”
cloud Optimus of the world is gasped, had not grasp he is also the situation in the description using the situation. Because state before the cloud Megatron eyes because obviously was funny.
Cloud Megatron is striking on the ground clenched fist while firing a thirst for blood of up to abnormal. Two of Optimus cracking large earth I avoid to become nearly drunk likely.
“Oputima~asu! Differents ones that did not have to be space-time move is … in even then unless § … this limbo interfere with the absorption of the power of” SARA “Oh! ”
partially “if an unstable state because it has absorbed the power of SARA” cloud Megatron, now is not his original calm attitude, it seemed to be a runaway state to be at the mercy of the mighty energy . “What’s wonder do you like to Sasenzo! Yare Debasute lighter! In front of the eagle” issued an order to the eyes of coalescence giant soldiers Debasute lighter of G1 Megatron is subordinate while remember the frustration in the mighty presence of before, the giant about to let it go in order to suppress the Megatron of cloud world … but. “Retracted at me Yeah!” cloud Megatron is instantly transformed into tank mode, unleash a powerful blow from the turret. Debasute lighter large explosion occurred will fall apart and to members of the previous combined, had been blown away each. The shelling what blow that gouge the earth stopped the fight earlier Autobots and Decepticons, was the overwhelming power of cloud Megatron tinged the mighty energy of “SARA”. “Woman … joke’m not! Anna or monster of the opponent something to be me!” many, including Starscream Decepticons has started to run away and become scattered while frightened. “This … Hey you guys! Come! Back” to subordinates who fit of fear not reach even the instruction of G1 Megatron. Megatron of cloud world that was back in robot mode Niramitsukeru the cloud Optimus is not seeking to care about such Sha us. “Come Oputima~asu … I have Morao Uka!” “pass? what it is.” Cloud Optimus involuntarily Toikaesu to sudden request. “Play the fool Naaa !!” the earth, as if space-time itself even shake kind of roar. “~O~o~o Wonder differents has the” SARA “! “SARA” is now my and half the body … feel, should be in the immediate vicinity of differents Daaaaa! ! ” Ya say whether or cloud Megatron Issen pull out the sword, sharp energy wave is emitted to tear the earth and sky. “Do not …” SARA “is near me? … Fish! ” Cloud Optimus even while puzzled surprising words the nick of time to avoid the attack, was torn again large earth. “SARA” is this world, yet in his or her original … cloud Optimus had to not put out the answer of the newly born question. Can not be the only looking bitterly the exchange of both of them escape to subordinates G1 Megatron, and G1 Optimus rushed a nemesis or that will allo to its original. “Megatron! You do not know someone is … guy is not a very we alone in the fight opponent! Now I must join forces!” face of the offer to G1 Megatron of joint struggle of G1 Optimus is distorted in humiliation, but. “Hozake! Who is like the differents! … But Na seems no other choice. No choice, so only temporarily, I’ll!” G1 Megatron was also not understand the abnormal and sense of crisis of this situation. Two people of both military leaders Narabitachi, I sighting in cloud Megatron that rampage. “I do not know someone, but … more If you say it and continue the destruction I’ll show to stop!” “Keshitobu but good I!” shelling of both maximum output of emitted. Other follow the only Optimus cloud world is cloud Megatron was a Inikaisazu is large explosion occurs Cry the attack decent. “Muo~tsu!” cloud Optimus to prevent the blast. And surely cooperate is those with otherworldly himself and Megatron name of, he had felt the regret of to myself that could not be it along with the surprise. and “What did?” G1 Optimus and G1 Megatron loosening the air for a moment, but the shock wave pounce from the next moment爆煙. and “What did you say when … Guwaa Oh!” decent Cry two people were blown off big. Smoke is swelling, appears the figure of cloud Megatron that he set the sword. Lead to any significant damage to both the attack without had glared as usual towards the cloud Optimus in the madness of expression.Around the Autobot us to the overwhelming force had already lost the will to fight. “Optimistic Ma~a~a~a § scan !!” again cloud Megatron for feeding the attack chasing a cloud Optimus, the damage continues without rest entrainment around the Autobots us. “Sha our different space-time because of I …! Megatron! I do not have, such as” SARA “! Differents it would be misunderstanding! Any more violent of it do I quit! ” At that time entered is what is in view of the cloud Optimus, it’s ahead of the machinery of the girl hide trembling in Iwakage. His one stored in the mind to see it was flashback. “” SARA “you’ll not in such energy body of Hatada, there’ll he can speak for people … the original creators have the intention” distant past, appointed the cloud Optimus in space-time police and Autobot Commander-in-Chief words of a person who. “It is going asleep now. Ordeal be it led by something external factors” SARA “wakes up if it is such as to initialize instinctively. However even for this world stability, it is such a situation he never hurts to not occur. ” memory that was left in a corner of the electronic brain is, revives this crisis into opportunity. “Kimi …” SARA “? ” Cloud involuntarily walks up to the girl to forget the situation Optimus.The gap cloud Megatron is not overlooked, has been peppered the intense fist stuffed the stretch distance. Cloud Optimus that blow off to its power. “Do? What this worms is …. No …! This guy … this guy … Huh!” cloud Megatron noticed the girl up grab her, I laughed loudly. The “feel’ll …! appearance despite the different etc. This is” SARA “Da~a! Kaaaa It’s not “SARA”! ! ” Gripping force suffer strong will girl. “Come on … you get the power to more than a be asked’ll …. Now what space-time all differents, Tokidaaa !! that is my true champion” “Megatron! Stop it ~O~o~o!” at that time that cried cloud Optimus , I begin to emit a sudden enormous energy and light is dazzling girl. “Gua …! Nandaaa … !?” cloud Megatron to release the girl is not considered in the impact. Cloud Optimus rushed I catch in the palm of your hand a shiny girl is. “Optimus” voice that sounds, but it was what you call directly to the brain of the cloud Optimus rather than a voice. “Do what you are talking? Still Kimi …” SARA “of the? “Continued voice can not answer the question. “Little was left in my power … But that Megatron keeps me somehow. Optimus, you are a cloud world.” At that moment, space began distortion along with the intense energy. “This is … the space-time move!?” can be spatio-temporal movement is only the power of “SARA” …, cloud Optimus convinced the identity of the girl.Further distortion open a dimension gate is the entrance of the space move when it spread, tries to Suikomo the cloud Megatron. “Guo Oh!” You can either be before the SARA “eyes … miss Aaa! ! ” Cloud tries to Aragao the force of a dimension gate Megatron. Horrible Form and power in shaking off the pouncing defenseless and “SARA” the cloud Optimus, however!”Gugaa Ah!?” moment, powerful shooting caught a cloud Megatron. and “I should have said’ll show stop …!” Confession of appearance while valiantly standing G1 Optimus, and in his hand had been held a handgun that G1 Megatron was transformed.”Hmph … the universe is the strongest weapon eagle of power, and Omoishi~tsu was either …!” you say as while back to robot mode G1 Megatron is spat out. “Nu Uu ah ah ah ah !!” Cloud Megatron that broke the posture go sucked into the dimension gate remains no eggplant surgery. At the same time cloud Optimus and “SARA” was also disappeared into another dimension gate.After remaining for the Transformers our OG spacetime puzzled only. They were only stand still stunned not understand is what happened in front of the eyes. “Apparently … to involve also our world, imagine Na seems something big is happening, such as not to tell ….” “Hmph … Do not do it or … do not like to invoke besides the eagle that transfer of the capital dominate the entire universe.” G1 Optimus and G1 Megatron, he looked up at the sky while feeling a strange sense of panic. In the meantime, cloud world metropolis in the Autobot headquarters “seventh district of urban functions is paralyzed! fire! damage from spreading to have!” failed to withdraw the Autobots us to recapture the “SARA”. Continued decrease is a result of energy supply, the earth collapsed, cloud world is directed to the collapse. “Hot Rod and blown is a serious condition, also damage other Autobot warrior large. The remaining small or energy in the this world can be played indefinitely maintain …. Was” ratchet in the Administration Center mutters one person in a pensive look. “Optimus commander … this time what a great leader I you need …. Did you put away exactly where to go …?”