Chapter 2: First Episode – Cloud

– Crisis –

Transformers Cloud

(Forgive loose Google translation)

First episode "crisis"

Illustrated by Nagi Miyako
Story by Makoto Wakabayashi

“Decepticons, Atakku!”
soldiers of the Decepticons that roll into the Metropolis along with the word of command, and the earth a Note that the invasion of the cloud world toward to collapse to lose the “SARA” had been followed. Autobot warriors ambush also, it can not also be slug satisfied by now of the state have lost consumption, and more than anything, “SARA” and a leader at the same time with every day of the raid, not looting of violent destruction and energy is happening here and there was.
The situation the person had to have seen with satisfaction in almost ruler like attitude from a long distance, the original number two of the Decepticons, is Starscream.
“I wish follow this I like I like loyal Decepticons The soldiers! New leader of white Come destruction!”
a few days ago … “SARA” by Autobot our underground of recapture strategy day, Optimus Prime of both armies leader and Megatron disappeared to somewhere, it remained still missing. Starscream had lingered in the seat of the leader is an alternative Decepticons number 1 for this Blessed To Megatron. Of course many of the Decepticons soldiers probably do not have confidence in him, but the is required playmaker rogue our underground was asunder to invade Metropolis summarized the corps also the fact was.
“Hehe, is unsightly Shockwave was a henchman of Megatron, does not come out holed up in whether base has responded to the Dominant gone. This star no longer a thing that prevents the Scream-like throne. At once Metropolis and occupation to the ze’ll build me like the kingdom! ”
laugh in good spirits Starscream, there to one fighters flew.
“Transform! Nephew Starscream!”
is deformed in robot mode, coming closer in need with attitude who is a Blitz wing of the Decepticons soldiers.
“What Blitzwing, quickly Autobot both the Come Buttsubushi!”
Starscream to instructions in a clearly unpleasant likely As soon see the face attitude.
The “leader facing the cool, but Na Starscream, Well firmly grasp the tactical situation and put out the instructions! How much you’ll receive a costly fight back in a poor commander Nonetheless Autobots both are weak!”
“Uruseeya !’m not necessary to me like men, such men as are done in goofy both of the Autobots, Blitzwing quickly you also fight Shiyagare go! ”
even where the arrogant attitude Starscream.
“Chip …, is only’m nobody ze not admit you Nante leader? Little has issued instructions in the king of the hill affectation but if I showed the force also participated in the battle? Like this in Na and … transform!”
Blitzwing As it muttered spat is morphed into the tank, and went toward in order to shoot the Autobot garrison while crowded shoot the cannon. Blitzwing is one of the Transformers called triple changer that can be transformed into a robot fighter-tanks and three types of appearance. The plurality of special ability to change and to appearance are merely congenital, that force was intended to envy for many of the Transformers.
“Damn … Triple Changer’s are to bossy just because Ya wants to … its power, I like the Noniyo can be used if the more effective you’ve got!”
Starscream while staring at the figure of Blitzwing to bitterness down the grumble.
“I have a secret weapon in but by Iro look … I like to. You can use this all guys of this world is to be Hizamazuku to me like …! I wish to Starscream like this new leader!”
cried while Starscream was transformed into a fighter, was carried toward to the battlefield by raising roar.

“Ku … everyone! Formation it! Break the”
in the Metropolis of Autobot garrison base receive the attack of large-scale Decepticons, adjutant jazz of Autobot warrior issues a desperately instructions. But their having wounds all over one’s body had been struggling of unprecedented.
“Injured people is too much! Here is only not! Abandoned to draw once the facility”
to the bittern proposal while subjected to a first aid to fellow wounded ratchet.
“How not … Autobot warrior! This retreat …”
“woman … Joudanjanai ze”
voice that prevents an indication of the jazz of withdrawal, was one blown Autobot warrior.
“Blown! Why came out! Your body’m not ready to move in now decent!”
“SARA” the time of recapture strategy, the Hot Rod and blown that drew intense energy of “SARA” by the hand of Megatron can not withstand the force, and was what is eroded from the inside by the full energy.
“Optimus commander is missing … even consciousness does not return Hot Rod …. It would be no way to be sleeping without anything at a time like …!”
shake off the ratchet our restraint, blown while dragging the battered body I come out to the front.
“I that could not be the only looking at the that time commander disappears just is, I do not do it !! permits”
is beating down the Decepticons soldier who was near shouting blown, around Shah us in the spirit overwhelmed is. But ….
“Dokedoke! ‘S new leader like Odemashi!”
suddenly hit the Autobots who pours the beam attack by fighters who appeared in the sky, the fighter … Starscream is transformed into robot mode, not to Tachifusagari in front of the blown I laugh to the enemy.
“I do not you are struggling forever to guys like mortals, fuck!”
emitted Starscream of null beam cannon, the blow was Uchinui mercilessly chest of wounded blown.
“Therefore! Aaa … § …”
helplessly blown away blown, around the Autobots who raise the cry that is not the voice.
“Blown! White firmly, Bro …”
and ran up the ratchet of expression is freezing, jazz who saw it was understood even without asking, it is the fire of life of blown disappeared … unmistakable fellow “death” a.
“Good … How dare whether blown the …! Differents from! The current situation has been found!?” SARA “defunct now I do this cloud world itself is heading to perish! Is it that each other fight still in this! ? ”
While the anger and sadness that killed a fellow fall into likely feeling burned out the brain, and ask to Decepticons ratchet. But Starscream talk to as triumphant as ever floated a thin from laughter.
“Fufufu … white peace of mind, I like annihilated you guys will not worry about if even seized the cloud world. This even it! If you”
take out the energy unit Starscream while to say that that was concealed.
“Do? Guy … I feel for the what the heck.”
Blitz wing that had been fighting with the Autobots garrison attention towards Starscream in a little distant location.
“This guy is something that was recovered energy that was left in a room with a guy of Na … Megatron is gone. It’s either?” SARA “or know what was in the room. That guy’s not me residual energy of “SARA”. ”
The word on the Autobots as well around the Decepticons who also surprised. Korezo I Starscream is What had been ahead at the discretion of “trump card”.
“Hear all cloud dweller both! I like if you get this energy is put into the hands the overwhelming power of” SARA “. View birth of Overlord to dominate the whole space-time, but good! ”
loudly declares loudly echoing the battlefield, Starscream was connected the unit jammed the residual energy of “SARA” to its own body.
Devastation of blown and Hot Rod is floating in the mind of the ratchet had seen it.
and “doing … do I quit!”
It was true feelings as a ratchet doctor directed also against hateful opponent that killed words that came out reflexively, the fellow, but ….
“Uku ah ah ah !!?”
Starscream while wrapped in flash is screaming, full of energy is SPILL occurs explosion, both armies warriors of the surrounding falls not accumulate.
Runaway of energy fits after a while, Starscream that was torn baked whole body to shreds has collapsed from knee. Energy of “SARA” is it even a individual of Transformers is not intended to cut – hardly withstand … slight residual energy example was no exception.
Some of Starscream choppy likely consciousness, had to not understand what had happened to him.
“That … Why … this … Ua~tsu!?”
suddenly Starscream that thrown to kick lighted Jibeta from behind. Blitzwing overlooking in frosty gaze stood in there and raise the face.
“Exposed Ya want the ugly appearance, this iron scraps!”
spat trampled mercilessly fallen Starscream.
“Te … Teme … this me in this … Gaha~tsu!? New leader”
Blitzwing the Starscream that breath to damage of the whole body also tries to Ikaeso while now Taedae skip kick strongly.
“It’s just who was showing as you follow because it was necessary role to put together the pieces of the soldiers is to attack the saying was? Metropolis admitted you a leader. But it is the exposure of such a disgraceful figure in Tekizen can not be used also … far guy! ”
coldly tells the true feelings, Blitz wing set up the hand of the rifle.
“It’s still gonna be was not a you Gotoki Well leader of the vessel, Star Scream.”
“Chi … Chikusho Contact ~U~u~u!”
while dragging the battered body Starscream to flee for his life from the spot to roll.
Autobots who were not able to only looking stunned the situation, but Blitz wing of the muzzle is that directed to their own, again tension runs.
“Well … farce’m done. You can choose to surrender to Morao will either Autobots.”
“fu … Playful it! Who … in such as you guys”
and also tries to Ikaeso jazz, is completely surrounds the perimeter if you notice, already escape You will notice that we have fallen into no desperate situation of situations.
“It Is the do not mind if the mind is not, differents et al.’s Until exterminated in this place.”
Blitzwing is to put your finger on the trigger of the gun.
“Anymore either … commander …. Ever”
ratchet and holding strongly the bodies of blown, after a few seconds it was prepared that it turn into themselves also cold metal of mass.

– Moment, flash runs overhead of ratchet us, occur winding vortex of enormous energy, I was torn space.
“That … dimension gate … !?”
immediately after Issen than in the gate, beam blow is unleashed to destroy the rifle of Blitzwing.
“Do not!? What did you say! What the hell is!?”
and Decepticons our surrounding not only Blitzwing also panic can not grasp the situation. But the Autobots who was aware, the nostalgic also a reliable sign can be felt from the other side of the dimension.
While holding a gun to the figure that emerged from the dimension gate, red warriors who hid a strong will to robust body and blue eyes. It suffers gently of small machine girl in hand. It undoubtedly Autobot our symbol of all hope, ratchet we have called its name unison.
“… Optimus Prime Commander …! We are the leader … but feedback …!”