Chapter 2: Second Episode – Cloud

– Strange Facial Profile –

Transformers Cloud

(Forgive loose Google translation.)

Second episode "transfiguration"

Illustrated by Nagi Miyako
Story by Makoto Wakabayashi

“This is whether …! Came back to … Metropolis? Cloud world”
to exit the dimension gate, lands on the ground of the cloud world Optimus. And ask you to confirm the appearance of the girl … “SARA” of a machine are in the arm.
“You are? The me back me in this world”
and staring at without But the question of Optimus “SARA” the reply, innocent, such as do not know what is said what in the same way as when you first met expression was only return.
Optimus to check the surroundings while concentrating consciousness shaken by the impact of space-time move. Although’ve managed a fast attack than just think to perceive instinctively fellow of crisis, the situation seemed to be no better than I thought. Former city was destroyed by the battle, infest hated Decepticons us. But there was also nostalgic fellow our face in there.
“Optimus commander! Really commander of I I!”
missing was the reunion of a leader to raise the voice of joy and beginning the ratchet was Autobot warriors. Decepticons soldiers in rainy day reinforcements Contrary confused.
“Optimus Prime!? And it is heard to have disappeared along with Megatron like was alive …!”
transformed from the leisurely and the attitude of up earlier, Blitzwing cry without hide the impatience.
“Do not come back I see … Megatron. Everyone, … I was me well holding up while not, no …?”
Optimus while saying notice accident, from blown the ratchet are having that does not feel the spark of beating. Ratchet remain silent was deposited the body of blown became cold to Optimus.
“Oh … blown …, …! Is not was …! And at that time survive and … instructions I hear that what”
and of course it is not the first time to lose a fellow in the battle, and great to war sacrifice I have is understood to be inherent.But Optimus with it is at the same time Gentle heart warrior was not the pain, never get used to that sadness.
“Great warrior, and Forever friends, sleep in peace ….”
slowly down the bodies of blown Optimus. At that time “SARA” approaches to blown, it was gently touched his cold body while smiling somewhere a sad look.
“You also how me in mourning the death of a friend, thank you ….”
“Commander, is exactly who is of the small?”
even while smiling expression apologetic that it discourage air of the place , jazz is cast doubt.
Looked Decepticons our surroundings that Agne attack while watching the situation, Optimus will be determined not to be a good idea to speak with this girl in this place now is “SARA”.
and “worry Na later speak. Mr., please have hidden because it is dangerous.”
Optimus release the “SARA” from blown to say so. Even while smiling something such Tage good expression “SARA” is seemed to understand the words of Optimus, and disappeared into the shadows ran away from the spot.
“Oh … Optimus Prime, you is it! I think that there is early to turn around the situation to say because I came back,”
and regained finally calm, Blitzwing cry while holding a saber instead Discard the broken rifle. But Autobot warriors of expression is not to desperate things up earlier, had become a thing that was rather full of fight.
“Decepticons both, do not seem is that me There are commander for us do not know how much a big thing!”
Optimus also look ahead the enemy with a grim look.
“Outlaws we’ll … I never thought that the hateful the opponent as it is today. Na …! I think I go home with just”
even while flinching in the line of sight, the Decepticons who directs the muzzle to the Autobots .
“Do not! Decepticons corps hit the Herazuguchi, Ute!”
all at once to the emitted shootings in Blitz wing of word of command, but the moment!
Optimus Autobot warriors along with the shout is deformed into vehicle mode in an instant, while avoiding the attack spread out, and began to fight and parentheses enemy. He counterattack of Autobots began.

Location that is a little away from the battlefield, a small machine girl in the shadow of the building which was destroyed … “SARA” was hiding. This state is talking to Optimus in the previous OG world, solemn atmosphere, such as when you drove off the Megatron beyond the space-time is not felt, innocent girl who does not know anything is be those innocent like waiting for the return of the parent was.
That time is one of the shadow from behind the “SARA” has been approached. And already late when she noticed a small body of “SARA” a huge hand would have been held.
“What … this is …?”
the shadow … it former Decepticons new leader, was Starscream. Just become a systemic tattered bathed the residual energy of “SARA”, further escape from his life battlefield is Semetate to Blitz wing, and he also he was hiding in a moribund state. The appearance of the girl suffering gripped in his hand Starscream is staring.
“This guy … … energy in the I’ll feel is reacting …! This is …! ‘S things that give you to me … power”
of the hand holding the girl while smiling ugly smile go to strengthen the forces.
“Give me … in this I like, all ~E~e~e !! Give me a force that can dominate the”
suffering is clenched body “SARA”, that only emits light suddenly brightly. The light go increasing the strength phase with the residual energy of the left inside of Starscream “SARA”.
“Oooo~o~o~o~o ~O !!!”
along with the screaming, the structure of Starscream’s body was carried out changing rapidly ….
“Stupid … this thing is!”
Blitzwing to dismay, their tactical situation was overwhelming to the already overturned, Decepticons soldiers went overthrown in one after another Autobot warriors. This is he to give a reliable leader of fight uplifting the Autobots our strength.
“Come on, soon it’s what if the idea. If you surrender quietly that no to any more futile battle.”
Optimus tells while towards the muzzle. The that the Decepticons do not want to sink is … but no more blood even for such they inexcusable is enemy of blown is also a true feelings of Optimus, he is a great Autobot commander-in-chief It was also the reason that there.
“Scattered … should follow once is not countered here to poor. I Starscream like a fool and unlike going to waste death have not.”
idea to Blitzwing show the intention of surrender was discarded weapon. What people continued or the remaining Decepticons also I reluctantly follow it.
“… Really, but I do not want to forgive also, even for one person the guys that killed it hurt a lot of fellow I.”
usually quiet jazz says to hateful down.
“I also’s the same feeling, but now is not the case you are fighting with hatred. To seems to be ahead of the cloud world collapse … with a force of as soon as possible” SARA “”
when the talking is Optimus, far unfamiliar huge fighters swoop from the sky, it was brought a terrible amount of missiles on the ground while turning.
“Uo Oh!?”
to auto bot also Decepticons also drenched regardless of the bombing, around became turbulent air more than combat up earlier.
“Autobots! Or everyone safe? Tatenaose the system!”
Optimus is to check the enemy while instructs, it is … it is not the enemy reinforcements to see the Decepticons side has received a great deal of damage, it has been obvious for a name is unlikely ally.
Fighter is turning again, this time I came down straight towards the battlefield of the middle.
“What it is! Enemy or? No … emblem …! And … this sign … No way!? There in that wing”
Decepticons emblem Blitz wing was of the familiar look and, the signs yourself well know who ….
just before reaching the ground, the mystery of the giant fighter landed morphed into robot mode. Silver beam gun was equipped with wings and shoulder, and not only above all fearless its face … Blitzwing, the mystery of the Transformers was a person who anyone was in situ know.
“How was debris Our’s Advent rulers serving champion … new destruction Great Starscream-like space-time! Hizamazuki and scree tut!”
“So … Starscream !!?”
to the declaration of the Transformers that all who were in the field is to startle attention. Body had become a thing it is a much larger robust than before, but undoubtedly it was Starscream himself.
“Its … its appearance on earth? Become …!?”
Optimus while question shocked to see a small presence who is in the opponent’s hand.
The “look how? whether it do not know, but this guy has been thanks to of … this figure why the guy’s” SARA “, it is clear to me like that conceives the energy in the body. Is allowed to control the energy of the guy was inside of me “SARA” amplification, it’s made ​​me reborn. I in the body that had the appropriate power to the ruler serving persons! ”
While hung limp and to increase the “SARA” which became stuck in your hand, Starscream raise the laugh of delight.
Optimus is regret own judgment mistakes that alienate “SARA” from the battlefield, also had horror remembering the Megatron of threats to runaway to give the power of fought in OG World “SARA”.
“Su … Starscream! Somehow do not know whether he was reborn not you want to, but collateral to us! Quickly kick Chirase! Autobots both if do”
the Starscream while listening to the voices of protest of Blitz wing mouth distort.
“Aan …? Iize, well … Look a new force of this Starscream like! Transform!”
confined to while so good the “SARA” of breast canopy, I will change its appearance. But it is not in the previous fighter ….
“A … what …?”
was the appearance of armored tanks of huge physique reminiscent of Megatron.
The “Fuhahaha! How’s, this is a body worthy of Time’s Master got me like a new power! best speed and strongest of firepower, both figure!”
“and it’s … triple change …! Why Starscream is …. new transform ability, this is the so brought the power of “SARA” …? ”
Optimus us even while surprise take the combat system, but Starscream turret became the tanks quietly changing the direction ….
“A …?”
was fired towards the Blitz wing of should be the same Decepticons.
“Gugaa Ah!?”
I think Blitzwing the sudden attack, not even he shall eat decent blown. Eye of Autobots in front of the situation, both Decepticons freezing surprise. Crushed big body in the blow, Blitz wing of moribund state. Starscream you return to robot mode stomp just to further follow house.
“Therefore …… differents … Why … I a …?”
“Therefore Hun … Ya to bossy, this is a while ago in return. And I gotta Teme from before I did not like things, large mullet blowing of Blitzwing’s by. Therefore become Ya feel good just because it is triple changer. ”
Even while smiling vile laughter in the mouth, overlooking in cold appalling eye Starscream. Slowly I turn the muzzle of the null beam cannon of an arm in the face of the Blitz wing.
“And …… Stop it … stop me ……”
“Man, pathetic voice raised Ya want to. indeed of Blitzwing in this What Good Night forever!”
joke while spitting frivolous words like, Starscream throw a merciless blow. Blitzwing is blown whole head, after convulsions moment, it was not as it is moving again.
“U … Wow Aa! Wernigerode!”
Decepticons who were without the fear that Kyoko ran away to dissipate the children of the spider. Echoing laughter devilish of Starscream in its sight.
“A … some guy ….”
ratchet is breathtaking. Eyes in front of the opponent no longer a Starscream until now, it was realized that it is a heinous presence of more than Megatron if the poor. But in such atrophy air, great leader Optimus Prime came forward before bravely.
“This is it, Autobot Commander Optimus Prime hall. Then want to be iron scrap is Do you have a Teme-like.”
for Starscream to speak in the provocation to such antics, tell a strong tone.
Even going to get the “if you have any power, the space-time world, I to fight if you try to Kizutsukeyo my friends! And always from you of evil hand to regain” SARA “! ”
a “can be if you do look Shiyagare and stuff! head, is my Optimus guy is ze’s fun or what face!” Megatron if you know that was doing kill Kubiri
to Uchikomu the deformed shelling into tanks while shouting. Autobot warriors in the blast cry even while becoming the blown likely.
“Commander over!?”
But Optimus while avoiding the shelling, aim the chance of attack Hold the gun favorite.
“Hahha! Ze’s the best feeling!”
shelling one side hit the fire of is wrapped in爆煙, while hiding the Optimus utilizes the situation, had calmly eye to the direction in which the coming of shelling.
“No matter how power is meaningless no! Unless hit … even if there”
is aimed at the moment it came of shelling to say so Optimus have put his shot into the爆煙, in shooting at the perfect time to capture the opponent there were.
“! … What!?”
But the smoke is sunny in the earlier figure of Starscream without …
“is tits! I like the Kokoda!”
to dive from above coming fighter, as it is Starscream to landing in a way that stomp the trans form to Optimus.
“What’s most comprehensive triple change ability with a destructive power and this speed? Longer ze does not win or guy what goods to this I like.”
“immediately … uhh …”
the expression of the trampled the face torture Optimus to float. Damage even to try to help also around the Autobots who had not move badly.
“Well, it’s Optimus Well say farewell. N … think honored that the Shineru in my like of hand?”
“Death, commander! … What?”
Starscream and Autobots, everyone noticed something I look. The destination of the line of sight gather, there was one of the shadow of compromise to the battlefield. Confession petite chest opened the large hole that looks like a mortal wound in the Transformers, but his body had been brightly glowing by the energy overflowing.
“Part … blown …! Why …?”
Yes, that figure was blown killed by Starscream of hand. Since the ratchet was confirmed indeed death, I felt the confusion and doubt than the joy in this situation. Even more surprisingly, began to suddenly re-configuration of the body blown, it began to rise huge blisters within a moment.
“A … What? Teme the hell!? … But it should have killed me is like”
no vestiges of longer as petite Minibotto until now, blown that became a big physique commensurate with its superhuman strength. where light fits energy flow became normal, voice and familiar for fellow our auto bot sounds.
“Dokero the dirty feet from Commander Starscream … this reborn superhuman strength blown like is gonna become a partner!”

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