Black Apple’s Ultimate Evasion Optimus Prime Mod (UPDATED)

Ultimate Evasion Optimus Prime Mod

by Black Apple

Watch the progression. This is amazing. Takara Tomy, please take note, this man needs to be working for you. – Tec

Phase 1

In Use


Phase 2


Final Phase

Updated: Finished Product


(Please forgive loose Google translation)
A few days ago flathead transformation connection:
no perfection, only better! Let me talk about the barrel! Some people say that the tank was previously changed too ~~ see the figure now! Official humanoid legs just do not care burden, originally plump big tank to reduced! ! Again, by a shower of blood the map every angle PS a little effect, we feel great fit? Small fit? ? Look at the movie in the column handheld big guns in the locker before 28 guns after all this! So gather some information: Finished deformation due to the need, not set on so many details, it bore a striking resemblance as possible! Here is the production process: Tank Section: Section Tank: The following is a detailed deformation process we expect: Try thousands of small, color is still pretty ride ~~ models equipped with a variety of repeated experiments after selection on the thigh by card buckle! Rest assured, this is side by side wheel snaps humanoid blocked! Below are posted all tucao most vehicle problem has been resolved! Incidentally also placed behind the drums too wide also solved! Then do not worry about mopping up! The front is not unsightly! Then there is the shoulder A re- design , production! Why? Because the gray mold is not a problem, then there will be colored shoulder armor flame pattern and color clash front back! So redesigned flip and deformation direction! Also improve the shape of the car snaps problem fixed! ! Deformation steps: Okay, this is the ultimate master forms: Finally, give us a welfare! My own computer in the tank becomes cannon design! Theoretically possible to do it! ! ! ! Thank you! !



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