Battlegrip Reviews Perfect Effects Mini Deathstalker

Perfect Effect – Deathstalker Review

By Philip Reed

Philip Reed is known throughout most of the Transformers community for his work over at and for his writings. Perfect Effect Deathstalker (mini version of course considering large one we are all still drooling over) was up on Philip’s chopping block recently.


“PerfectEffect has made the most adorable Headmasters ever and this 2.75-inch tall (to the top of the head) not-Scorponok toy is way more fun than I expected. They named the toy Deathstalker, but anyone with Transformers knowledge will simply look at the design and start calling it Scorponok from the very first moment. And with good reason . . . it’s Scorponok!”

Above is just the beginning except to his article which includes several original images (only a couple shown here) to get the full details you will have to visit Mr. Reed over at Battlegrip by clicking here.