Different TW Dinos? Alloy Parts for Megs? More KOs Inbound?

What is this about Dinos and Alloy Parts?

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Well as with most good finding it takes a lot of searching and a little luck, in this case it only took a little searching and a lot of luck so with that in mind I would like to send thanks out to my source(s) for letting us share with the TF fans. Now down to business…

As most of you know recently an overseas company announced that it would be making a KO (knock off) oversized version of Toy World’s Hegemon (Megatron). This will include some die cast and metal alloy parts. Now this may not be news to most but their plan to reproduce the Toy World dinos and once again in a bigger scale. So how massive would that make this one? Oversized Toy World Dinobot knock offs inbound so be warned or be happy which ever applies to your case.

This opens a lot of doors people who are dedicated customizers and even “Big Bot Collectors” may even seek these products over the originals.


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