2nd Leader of Autobots to be 3rd Party Target?

Could It Really Be?

Nothing is ever set in stone but it is rumored that the second leader of the Autobots is currently being designed and given the 3rd party treatment. As to which 3rd party company we cannot say and also no news rather this be the younger version.  Also please note that we have no idea or clues to what scale size this new addition will fit into. We will keep you posted as we find out more.

13 thoughts on “2nd Leader of Autobots to be 3rd Party Target?

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  2. I hope it’s Hot Rod, who can become Rodimus Prime (sort of using the same technic as MP09). And come with his trailer, MP09 is too tall for my taste and too big in Altmode to fit in with the rest of my MPs.

  3. Your not going to get a MP-09 less than $150. I just sold mine for $250 and that’s probably the cheapest anyone has found it for. It was a offer made to me as well. Hoping for new versions if both MP Rodimus and Hot Rod but as separate figures either bt Takara or 3rd party. This rumor could be it.

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