Dx9 Toys To Make Carry “2nd Autobot Leader” (Updated Again)

Dx9 Toys – Carry


Dx9 Toys showed off teaser images of an upcoming release which they named “Carry” which appears to be the silhouette of Hot Rod / Rodimus Prime. Why the name Carry seemed to be a topic of debate but popular theories are because he carries the matrix or it could possibly be a gaming reference whatever reason we cannot wait to show you more of this bot.


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Earlier this morning we announced plans of a 3rd party company making the 2nd leader of the Autobots. We also let it be know that we did not have much else to go on at that time (size, version, company, and so forth). We were then shortly updated after that and here is what we know so far.

#1. The company in particular seems to be in MP mode, so we have a feeling what to expect there.

#2. No clue as to rather this will be the younger version or the after matrix version so until confirmation either is very possible and highly wanted on the fans list.

#3. Fans went nuts over their recent reveal of a triple changer. (HINT HINT)

This will probably be all this information we get on this for awhile considering what stage it is in, and keep in mind that sometimes plans change rather companies want them too or not so this may never even see light of day… Then again it could be what we are all preordering 7 months from now. So let’s hope for the best and hope they continue to impress they way they have.

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