MakeToys Announces RE:Master Series!

RE:Master Series

by MakeToys

“”Re:master “, in a time where scale is everything…..Re:master is a new series to bring a new twist, new gimmicks, and maybe even a new scale to the world of transforming robots. An instant classic to an already bright and vibrant world of robots, we hope Re:master will have a place in everyone’s hearts……and on their shelves!” This was posted on their site explaining the new lineup.

Below are teaser images showing off RM-01 Cupola (guessed on Facebook as Chromedome), RM-02 Gun Dog, (I think we all guessed Hound here) and RM-03 Hellfire (Guessed on Facebook to be Inferno).
Please note that these really are just first impression guesses gathered from around the web.

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