Petition for Hasbro, IDW To Make Animated Film

Petition for Hasbro, IDW To Make Animated Film


Below is information quoted from actual Petition. We encourage you if this type of thing interests you to sign they only need a few hundred more to achieve their goal. Thank you.

“The IDW comic and specifically the More Than Meets The Eye series has an extremely large fan group that grows every day. Though the comics are fantastic I’ve always wanted more, myself and a large group of fans want something other than the Micheal Bay movies, something written by geniuses such as James Roberts that embodies the heart that’s put into every single issue. The fan base is a very tight nit community, I’ve gotten the opportunity to befriend people from across the globe, and not only would this be an incredible gift to the fans but it would show what potential the franchise has when produced with heart.”

Petition started by Jackson Empey.

To sign please click here.


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13 thoughts on “Petition for Hasbro, IDW To Make Animated Film

  1. IDW has control when it comes to the comics, once this leaves that format and goes to another it reverts to Hasbro so do you really want them butchering this wonderful storyline like they allowed to happen in the live movies?

  2. Well, movies are always adapted from the source material, not verbatim reproductions so I’m happy with the studios to make changes that make sense for the format and the time constraints. I’ve long been a champion for this format, and hope they start with key storylines like Target 2006 and Last Stand of the Wreckers.

  3. Pretty sure Hasbro has no idea how to make a proper film. Animated, Live action or otherwise. Like Ryan said, hand it to someone who knows what they’re doing using IDW’s storytelling and writers. Then I’d be on board.

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