Shattered Cast Uncut Notes On GigaPower Gaudenter

GigaPower HQ-05 Gaudenter

GigaPower is on a roll first with Guttur reviews pouring in and now Gaudenter looking good and the company’s public communication seems to be some of the best around right now.

10571986_1508429196090940_1662144090435618753_oShattered Cast Uncut released this on their Facebook page and we think it worth a mention:

“Gigapower Master Robots HQ -05 Swoop.
They or one of the representative are active now on their facebook page answering past and current questions. They’ve said that all of their future mp Dinos aswell as the current “Gutter” figure,will have both mettalic and “chromed” finishes. There will be a second release of Gutter with the chrome finish which will require them make a whole new Gutter mold they’ve mentioned. They’re planning to release 3 of the 4 dimobots they are planning to make with only three of them actually having finished artwork,which will be revealed at the end of the month. You can read word for word of what was said on their page.



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