Echo TF Boosticus Facebook Contest!

Echo TF  Boosticus Facebook Contest


Echo TF posted this on their Facebook page lastnight.

“Okay, finally it’s here–the Echo TF 2015 Thigh Filler contest. Oh yeah, we are here to PUMP up your thin, frail, WEAK Onslaught (or Impactor) thighs into some nice, BEEFY, STRONG Echo TF enhanced thighs!!!

Here’s how it works: please take a cool, FUNNY, interesting or otherwise never before seen picture of your Boosticus kit (on either FOC Bruticus or FOC Ruination) and POST IT HERE, on the Echo TF Facebook page. That’s it, that’s all you need to do to enter then contest.

Then, our esteemed judges will pick one…JUST ONE lucky photo to be the winner and therefore recipient of a FREE, Custom painted thighs color-matched to the FOC Bruticus or Ruination of your choice.


1. Keep it clean. Photos must be appropriate for all ages, genders, no racial content…the MUST comply with Facebook rules.

2. It must be either a Boosticus-equipped FOC Bruticus or a FOC Ruination.

3. You must tell me which color you want.

4. Canada Post MUST be able to ship to your location. (please check yourself at

5. Because I am custom color matching to YOUR specifications, it could be a couple weeks to complete the painting and shipping could take 3-4 weeks.

6. I do need a minimum number of entries–at least 10 NEW pictures need to be submitted by individual members before the contest is a go.

That should cover it. So have fun everyone, eager to see what you come up with! Start shooting!!!

Spread the word. Thanks everyone!”

Echo TF Facebook Page Here!

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