Tec Talk: IDW Bomber Megatron

 Tec Talk: IDW Bomber Megatron

TW-04: What happened?

We received an email asking the status of Toy World IDW based Megatron Bomber, as we could not dig up any more information than what they were able to dig alone we thought we would share what was found and other notes on topics. Thank you to Stefan.

Toy World originally announced TW-04 to a much different figure, IDW Megatron Bomber. As time passed TW-04 did see the light but as TW-04G revealed at TFcon (Grand Maximus color scheme version of Fort Max called “Grant”). Their site still shows the original posting located here but not reflect any changed or even acknowledge TW-04 being released.

This is what is shown and listing the figure at 19 cm tall.


TW-04 Infinitor was later released being Fort Max in his G1 colors with a very wide acceptance by fans but still no further word on Toy World’s version of IDW Megatron bomber.

BensCollectables posted pics of an unknown 3rd party Megatron that was later inverted by a Facebook user shown here.

This seems to resembles a tank more than the bomber (or HasTak IDW Bee without the doors… Kidding, kind of)

mystery megs

 But could this be the missing TW-04 IDW Bomber we have been looking for? I would say no but those blurred sidearm attachments make me wonder.

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