Armarauders Cam Custom EF-JAT-47FG Bellerophon Part 1: A Brief Look At The Past

Cam Custom EF-JAT-47FG Bellerophon

 by Armarauders


Part 1 of a 3 part series.

A brief walk through some of the work not only Armarauders have put in but everyone in the community involved with this project that is currently bringing it to life. With only a short time left before production versions being released to the public and years of work already put in we thought we would get inside the Bellerophon and see what makes this thing tick. What’s all the buzz about?

Initial Contact:

The Bellerophon figure preview done up by David Morgan of Encline Designs, which includes a short snippet of stop motion (on the Docking Station and Cockpit area).


Sightings Since: Prepare for war!

Ben Davidson over at also made a stop motion video showing off a series of tests as this massive mech prepares for war.



Coloring process by Enrico Galli on his illustration “Girls of Armarauders”.



Armarauders: The Last Battalion soundtrack beautifully composed by the talented Alex Kurilov. Full tracks available for download here.



When it came closer to release time review samples were sent out to many talented personas in this field. I personally work with TJ over at Kuma Style and Ben over at BensCollectables and got to talk to them throughout their time with this massive bot but they were by no means the only ones reviewing Bellerophon. CollectionDX and Vangelus Central are just a couple of the many of reviews released with more coming out and being made as we speak.

Ben Davidson over at this time reviewing Bellerphon and this is just one of many reviews out now.


Here is TJ Duckett over at Kuma Style reviewing Bellerophon.


Vangelus over at also checking Bellerophon out.


CollectionDX also had their time with Bellerophon as well check it out.


Now with a look at some or the work put into this and seeing what everyone thinks let us end this one for now and come back and discuss Bellerophon present day and see what Armarauders is up to in part 2. Part 3 we will see what is a head for Cam, Bellerophon, and of course Armarauders.

Oh before we go fair warning guys part 2 will be 7 sections (more to explain later)! Enjoy TF fans time to start seeing what you can dig up and if Bellerophon may be the bot you have been missing below is a little something to enjoy until we get back. We will return soon will more Armarauders coverage.

Our previously posted article covering Armarauders storyline can be found here.

All information and images used below are taken directly from Armarauders’ toy details page and credit goes to them of course. Original source can be found here.

Toy Pics01

Mecha Workshop is proud to announce an all-new line of action figures featuring the Bellerophon mech. Think of the Bellerophon similar the RX-78 from the original Mobile Suit Gundam. It will function as the core design, the “skeleton” of the Armarauders figures and will have interchangeable add-ons that can connect with and customize future toys.

In a war against an alien threat that spans the galaxy, a soldier must adapt, alter, and conform as needed in order to survive and prevail. Named after the hero of Greek mythology who slew the monstrous Chimera, the Bellerophon is designed to function as a multi-purpose and highly mobile infantry unit—an ultra-advanced mech that serves as both grunt and warhorse against the onslaught of a relentless enemy. With the addition of specially designed optional equipment, the Bellerophon serves as a “jack of all trades” on the battlefield, and can be called upon to serve on a wide range of specialty missions.

Mecha Workshop will first release the Full Gear Bellerophon: Cam’s Special, and it will come equipped with custom full gear armor, fully articulated arms, legs, feet and hands, the sized-to-scale pilot as well as a detailed and sturdy docking stand from which to display the Bellerophon.

Toy Pics02

With the Bellerophon Mech serving as the core to build upon and modify, Mecha Workshop will release the Pegasus Drone which is an add-on backpack that gives the Bellerophon full flight capabilities. Other Drone Backpacks will be released in the future that can be added onto the mechas giving it a host of other cool customizable options.

The Pegasus Drone is a Triple Changer (Jet Pack mode, Turret Weapon mode and Full-Flight mode)—resembling the classic Pegasus silhouette from Greek mythology, the Pegasus Drone can either “gallop” alongside the Bellerophon in battle, hover above his enemies and allies alike or merge with its host mech.

The Pegasus Drone will come with its own unique docking stand that will be able to merge into a new configuration with the Bellerophon’s docking unit. However, the Backpack Drones will not be limited to infantry mecha, they will be able to merge with all other figures—including the fully transformable mechs coming soon from Mecha Workshop.

The Bellerophon and Pegasus Drones represent only the first of a new line of incredible mecha toys that will provide both the serious collector and casual fan with a treasure trove of fully customizable and interchangeable figures that will be a new and unique experience for each person every time they open the box.