GigaPower Guttur Hip Issue Update

Guttur Hip Issue Update

by GigaPower

GigaPower recently released this on Facebook social media website.

“The hip issue update

Eventhough the screws in the hips may be shorter than intended, they still should work fine if screwed in all the way. If you have wobbly hips, you can try to repair them as they are probably just not screwed in properly. You can see the instructions here in this post or similar ones at Heavy Scratch Customs By Dawgstar.

If your leg separated from the hips, it still may be possible to repair that by disassembling the hips and screwing in the screw all the way. In this case, however, add one step to the instructions – cut off excessive plastic that might have occurred because of the separation.

If that didn’t help you can request replacement parts via Facebook private message to this page or via email and we will send them to you in near future.

Also, we will include the replacement hips with our next Gigasaur, so you all will have replacement parts just in case you have a problem with these hips later.

We are sorry for the issue and we want to help you fix it.”