Generations Combiner Wars Defensor – Pictorial Review

To continue my previous review, here’s Combiner Wars Protectobots combined form, Defensor.

Pic Credit : TFWiki
Always went head-to-head with the Combaticons, Defensor can be considered the exact opposite of Bruticus, focusing primarily in safeguarding the civilian while repelling the Decepticons’ assault. Other than his combat skills, Defensor also equipped with the ability to generate a forcefield (which sometimes failed).

G1 Defensor

G1 Defensor was released in 1986 both separately and and as a giftset. Later he was repainted as Guard City in 1992 and released in Japanese market.
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Combiner Wars Protectobots

Combiner Line (Alternate Configuration)

Let first see the alternate configuration for the limbs.

Blades as a leg is Alpha Bravo’s designated post in Superion and he transformed half way to alt mode while the back and the cockpit folded upwards.

Back View
It might’ve worked with Superion due to the proportion of the main body but due the size of Defensor’s thighs (see below), I’m not so sure.

Rook is the replacement limb for Protectobot Groove who originally formed Defensor’s leg. Rook in leg mode is quite wide (but okay for Defensor) which will not work for Superion-sized main body.

Back View
Just like most other Combiner Wars limbs, Rook’s robot part is nicely concealed. The leg mode is really solid and sturdy with all the parts peg together tightly.

First Aid in hand mode looks great aside from the exposed thighs, which is a problem of all Combiner Wars limbs. Take note that this is actually the designated position for First Aid in G1 Defensor but not the Combiner Wars version.

Despite being a repaint of Dead End, Streetwise’s as an arm is configured differently from the former, making him different and unique. Streetwise’s legs peg together better than Dead End’s, making him less annoying.

Combiner Limbs (Designated Configuration)

Blades officially forms Combiner Wars Defensor right arm which is also the official configuration for G1 Blades.

Rook forms CW Defensor’s left arm in place of First Aid. Aside from the size, the blue color used is quite striking compared to the shade of blue used by Hotspot.

First Aid forms Defensor’s right leg, the designated configuration for Groove. The transformation is the same as Stunticon Offroad but due to the amount of retool done, you can’t see any resemblance between those two.

Streetwise has better quality than Dead End and the leg mode is a lot more solid and sturdier compared to the first variant of this mold.

Before we proceed with the combiner, first let us see Hotspot in main body mode. I must say, I’m impressed. Previously, Combiner Wars Superion has build-in combiner chest which makes him a better than TFC version of Superion. And now, it’s the same case with Defensor. Despite using Legend Groove is an option but it’s not really a must.

The head sculpt is also nicely done, homaging G1 Defensor and the paint app is clean. Defensor doesn’t come with a visor but instead something that looks like police’s eyeglasses.

Back View
There’s no back kibble and the only visible Hotspot’s parts are the fists.

What impressed me the most however, is how the ladder folded from the front, under his crotch and attached to his back before pegging in the combiner’s head.

Combiner Mode (Official)

Overall, Defensor is a vast improvement compared to Combiner Wars Menasor. The combiner feels solid and sturdy, just like Combiner Wars Superion. However, I think Rook doesn’t really suits being Defensor’s arm, due to the size.

Side View

Back View

Comparison with Combiner Wars Superion

Defensor is a poseble figure and the stablity improves his playability. If only the feet are different, he would’ve been a lot better.

Defensor’s only weapon is the long rifle made out of Hotspot’s 2 blasters. However the attachement is not solid and the rifle looks a bit small in his hands.

Combiner Mode (Alternate)

Personally, I like this configuration for Defensor (which ironically is the official configuration for G1 Defensor minus Rook). The proportion is better with the size of First Aid in arm mode matches Blades more.

One of the best things about CW combiners is their playability. The overall quality might not be as good as 3rd party combiners but it is sufficient. The overall articulation is good making them fun figure to play with. However, wished that Hasbro could’ve give them better proportion overall, not short with gorilla arms. Well, that’s something that 3rd party company will race to fix.

Seeing how Takara will be releasing Menasor and Superion with all the original members, curious to see how will they tackle Groove seeing that there’s not mold to be used for him yet. I can’t see them doing heavy retool on previous figures like TF:Prime Arcee or anything. The only logical way that I can think of would be Takara will be using a new mold for Groove that will be intended for their Afterburner of the Technobots [PURE SPECULATION]