Transformers FansProject Motor Squad Military Multiplexer (Menasor)

U.NEM Studios delivers yet another outstanding and extensive gallery. This time, the spotlight is on FansProject’s version of the Stunticons/Menasor – Motor Squad Military Multiplexer (M3).

While many have lamented about how complex and frustrating the transformation for this set can be, one cannot ignore the fact that each of these figures is generously articulated and offers tons of play/display options. In fact, slow down, take a step back and you’ll probably realise that the transformation can be very manageable and is beautifully engineered.


In this photo set, U.NEM Studios also makes use of the following upgrades/kits from other companies to complete the look:

– CrazyDevy’s CDMW-19 – The Auto Brigade Power Parts – Menasor’s Giant Ionizer Sword (Diesel/Motormaster’s Sword)

– Shadow Fisher’s FPJ-01 – Intimidator Upgrade (Elbow Fillers)

– Reprolabels for all 5 figures.

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  1. This is the business ideal ,several different companies making the same product but with their own creative spin and fighting for your dollars in a fair fashion. I love it !

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