Open order update – November 20th, 2015

All open orders with the Combiner Wars Menasor head kits and Stunticon guns are shipped. Emails have been sent, along with any tracking numbers, if you went for that option. If you don’t see any emails, check your junk/spam folder, than contact me at, and I’ll get back to you withing 24 hours. Please include your paypal email address or 4 digit invoice number.

If you ordered the Menasor head kit(s), I’m working on a quick tutorial on the easiest method of popping them on the balljoint for the Menasor/Motormaster body. Due to the way the joint/post is designed, some people will have a hard time installing them. I found two ways that work. One just requires a certain “setup” with the figure, and the other requires a heat gun/hair dryer.

Also mentioned before, each of the Menasor heads have swappable faces now. Calm, Angry, Rage. For the RF-017 Road Shogun (G1 toy) head, the faces are easy to swap. However, for the RF-018 Road Bandit (G1 toon), it is a bit harder, if you don’t know the trick to it, which I’ll show. Each face has been checked with the heads they come with, and each Menasor head itself has been test fitted on the Motormaster/Menasor body’s balljoint, all to ensure the best quality possible, and help trouble shoot any problems you may encounter. I also pre-fitted the face that each person ordered, so you don’t have to swap it out to the one you wanted, to save you time.