X2Toys – IDW Orion Pax Add On to make Powermaster / Godmaster Optimus Prime

IDW Orion Pax Add On Updated, Powermaster / Godmaster

Orion Grows Up


X2 Toys has something up their sleeve, that little guy looks awfully familiar. Hi-Q (or Ginrai, depending where you grew up) was Powermaster Optimus Prime’s engine component that enabled the toy and the anime truck to transform known as a Powermaster (or Godmaster, once again depending on where you grew up).  Looks to be confirmed of new trailer, Powermaster / Godmaster,  robot head,  Armament for Orion Pax.  Enjoy the images found in various places.

We have updated this again and maybe our previous thoughts were right and indeed a Powermaster / Godmaster Optimus Prime is in store for us. We will keep you posted.

Original Comic Artwork