RID Legion Class Fix-It 3P Hand Upgrade by Unicron.com

Unicron.com announces RID Legion Class Fix-It Hand Upgrade! Below is a excerpt from announcement made on social media sites.

“Well folks, the cat is out of the bag on the next Unicron.com accessory project. We really dig the new RID Legion Fixit figure (way better in scale/sculpt/possibility than the 1-step changer version), but those drill-hands are still totally wrong! I was super excited to find out the legion version’s drills are VERY easily removed! It’s a perfect start to the next RID inspired accessory set! Show accurate Fixit hands! In the past we’ve produced injection molded parts with high upfront production/packaging costs and quite a bit of lag time before getting them to market. For this next RID inspired accessory set, we’re going to be releasing items individually through Shapeways.com (we’re taking up Hasbro on their public invitation for artists to share/sell/distribute their 3D Transformers related creations there). The designs need to be tweaked a bit yet, but I’m hoping for actual metal hand replacement parts in the single digit $ range. Still waiting on my first wave prototypes to arrive… First stop, new show accurate hands (pictured below), but also planning to tackle a new show accurate chest plate and some of his other hand/tools as well for a “Premium Fixit” accessory set with some more RID accessories to follow. What other RID themed accessories are YOU hoping for?”