Combiner Wars Scrapper Review by Kelvin Chan

Kelvin Chan recently posted his thoughts on the new Titan Class limb Scrapper and it was so detailed we have to share here! Once again well done Kelvin Chan!

Toy Review: Combiner Wars SCRAPPER

[Vehicle Mode]
L:16.5cm W:8.5cm H:7cm
True to his G1 counterpart, CW Scrapper transforms into a predominantly lime green payloader. The vehicle is almost completely lime green with just some purple breaking it up in the middle, on the windows, as well as a Decepticon insignia tampographed on the roof of the driver’s cabin. The wheels are all black with no painted hubcaps, which seems to be standard fare for Hasbro these days. The scoop can swing up and down and also has joints in the middle of the arms. That’s right, the scoop arms have elbows!

* Swing arms out and push shoulders back
* Flip fists out
* Swing down underside panels beneath rear section of vehicle to reveal robot shins
* Flip down feet
* Swing rear section down to complete robot legs. Separate legs.
* Pull up robot head until it locks into position
* Swing back scoop and bend at ‘elbows’ until the scoop rests on back

[Robot mode]
H: 18cm up to top of scoop, 17cm to top of head W: 10cm D: 8cm
Points of articulation: 15
Like other CW Constructicons, Scrapper is an excellent representation of his G1 cartoon model, with some details from the G1 toy thrown in for additional detailing. Now let’s address the main point of contention here – the elbows. This toy actually does have elbow articulation, which allow the forearms to rotate. Looking at this photo of Unite Warriors Scrapper, it appears that TakaraTOMY have replaced the rotating elbow joint with a swivel joint, similar to that used on Scavenger and Hook. I can completely understand why the swivel joint would be preferable over the rotating joint, but I just want to clarify that the Hasbro version doesn’t have less articulation, it just has different articulation on the elbow. I’ll put it this way — I’d rather have this than having elbows with fists aligned 90 degrees outwards that makes the elbow movement look weird (unless they’re doing bicep curls), and thus impractical (I’m looking at you, Age of Extinction Strafe, Slash, Slog etc.!)

Okay, the elbows aren’t the greatest, given that the arms do form load bearing heel spurs on Devastator, I can overlook it (I’m curious to see if/how the TakaraTOMY version will overcome this issue). Scrapper is still a really nice and solid Voyager class figure that’s still pretty good value at a Deluxe price point. It’s still a lot better value for money than say AoE Slog or Galvatron. Recommended.