The Price of MP Ironhide from the owners of! is an Austrailian store that was started to help provide all of Austrailia a place to obtain their imports and collectables figures while avoiding high importing costs usually associated with these types of purchases.  They Recently made Transformers News on several sites and blogs across the internet with their placeholder posting on MP Ironhide concerning the possible USD mystery price point. The real price of MP Ironhide is… No one knows. It has not been released. This product was posted to allow customers to speak up for their to get a rough estimate on how many to place on the order to the supplier. This is larger than a MP car from Takara  and will be priced accordingly and let us not forget the golden rule of thumb about surfaces and moving parts… The more of either the higher the price. recently released this statement on MP Ironhide repeating their previously and quite possibly over looked disclaimer.

“Hey everyone! Just another repeat disclaimer about the price/release date of MP Iron hide. Remember to check the disclaimer – it’s only an estimate. But I can’t see it being any more than $130Aud unless the Aussie dollar dies and the trailer can fetch you a beer from the fridge lol. Same thing that happened with Unite Warriors Devastator, I will promise to keep the price as low as possible so that Aussies don’t break the bank to buy what they love due to our crappy dollar! When we receive the final price, you will receive an email updating you of the final price and you will AGAIN have the choice to take it or leave it, never mind the policies. Again as always – Thank YOU Australia for your solid support! Love, Love!”


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  1. Wow… Id seen the pics of it weeks ago when they were released, but perhaps my excitement trumped my observation skills. Cuz I do NOT like the face on that head sculpt at all…

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