Warbotron / Botron War WB-03 (Not) Computrons Shows Off Tilting Ankles

Once as always please keep in mind this is a prototype and subject to change at any point and time. Warbotron is making some big bold bots and doing it with style.Packed with lots of features and well thought out designs along with Masterpiece sizing it really hard to beat their combo, every set has tons of play value.  Now being a prototype I do not mind saying these ankles seemed to have improved from previous designs, maybe even too much. To the point I even took the notch out of the ratchet and it is still a very very thumb breaking experience to get your bot to tilt but as mentioned earlier this is a prototype. Parts of this were made to fit on the spot. It honestly is still a real contender even in its current condition, just look at that balance!

WB-03 Ankle Tilts: