Giant Robot Dual Update: Team USA Kickstarter by MegaBots, Inc.

megabots mark2 upgrades concept

Team USA (Megabots) Kickstarter

It seems a lot have changed since we last heard anything on the giant robot dual between USA and Japan, Megabots (Team USA) has started a Kickstarter to help get the needed upgrades to get this bot ready for melee combat. A lot of various contributors that you would not expect. Everyone from Grant Imahara and our own NASA. This is shaping up to be a bigger deal than some expected, others knew. Rather you want to just watch some bots make scrap metal of another or actually support your home team be sure to click below to get the full information straight from their Kickstarter. Better hurry though, things are getting exciting.


Visit Megabots (Team USA) Kickstarter by clicking here!