Arcadia SDF-01 Mini Garage Kit (Article by Mr K)

This article was found on Arcadia’s blog and showcases a garage kit of the SDF-01. This is wrote by Mr K (formerly of Yamato) and translated by Google.

Hot summer passed, I became cool.
It does say, Samu~tsu~tsu!?

Eye has or shark also cold morning.

Is it bad because nothing is sleeping and not apply?

We are planning and development at our company
there a Mr. K.

As usual, this time of the blog that will start with what fancy in such onset.

Rubble items that the launch in the old days,
if we determine the resale of “non-scale SDF-1 Macross The Movie (KIT)”,

And I’m afraid I will carry out, but publicity.

Well, in July 2014 that this product raised the world born.
The first is that the event sold in 2014 WF summer.
Then around October Sales start at our WEB mail order.
The mail order stopped by various circumstances ….
In, resale Become a now.
It has become such a gait with.

Well, it is this commodity, but it is a garage kit. It is unpainted.

It is not yet assembled.
It is small.

it is cute.
Partnered Once it is completely deformed.

It is a two-color molding.
You pratfall.
Gun parts that are broken is attached.
Also it comes with a simple display stand.

Things we have entered into such a feeling. With a zipper PP bag 3 bags. One manual.

Since the kits has become apart.
Gates and burr processing is required.
The shaft may not contain two, you can do so while cutting.

Because the shoulder of the rail cannon parts are copper Look also broken likely shape,
we have formed with a soft material. There may be a distortion in place that do not break, but please cure it with the hot water.

In, it is the thing which has been assembled. Is a super-cute. Hey cute palm-sized.

Nde, fortress ship.

Although’s the unpainted, no discomfort in two-color molding.

Be this can be also different ship if more Urere.
Battle 7 Hey want.

And fun production has also included in the deformation process.

What at the time of deformation, rotation of the arm I done left and right at the same time!

After that it will be deformed to set street.


And forced type.

Since the hip joint is in the ball joint,
it can run of unexpectedly leg.

It will go in by way of example one foot.

And further production in the play! Includes the parts that Macross gun was destroyed in the fire of Milia ship! Please try playing with replacement.

Image you are walking in what mind. Cute Hey.

And and once again director in the play! ! Gun and I take a pratfall by the impact that has been destroyed, but the pratfall is also possible.

What is excellent one also bend knee care.

I, and probably super cute?

In, you notice that you do not have a description of the stand ….

Pictures and ~, to attach the attachment tailored to form primary posts destination stand.
Angle can also be adjusted after the main pillar from the side.

Just put in there!
The only place really!

And because only place, because the angle by falls need to be careful.

And to say that, now that it resells to September
– was the propaganda of the “non-scale SDF-1 Macross The Movie (KIT)”.

Our mail order reservation will start from the 18th day during the,
thank you!

So Congo Tomo please.

                        Mr. K

Original article can be found by clicking here.
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