Armarauders / Mecha Workshop – Gun Metal Grey Bellerophon (Teaser)

Armarauders and Mecha Workshop recently released the long awaited AB-01 Bellerophon and is already teasing us with their next release. First of the most noticeable thing is going to be the coloring, a cool dark grey with lighter painted highlights. Sporting a skull painted on the helmet gives this Bellerophon an intimidating appearance and even causes warm fuzzy and even familiar Macross / Robotech feelings for me. As far as what will come with this one or possibly even be exclusive to this one I do not know. Stay tuned for more details and our articles on Pilot Packs, Pegasus updates, Armarauders Revisited ((Redux) articles and review), and we cannot forget about Project Seven Stars. I should just hand over my wallet now…