TF-Prototype TFCon Charlotte Complete Coverage (Massive Gallery)

We were lucky enough to have a couple guys on scene this year and have compiled our resources to present you this. We hope you enjoy. – The TFP Team

3P Panel Reveals View #1

3P Panel Reveals View #2

Trailer for a version of MP-10 (unclear on which one or possibly even what size) by a new company named “Epic” we believe. Very interesting transformation.

ShapeShift Inc showing off some top notch FoC styled legends class figures. This will be one company to keep an eye on.

TFC Toys comes off pretty strong with their recent offerings.

Planet X showed off their deluxe+ sized FoC styled version of Grimlock (which still looks to be in prototyping phase) and what seems to be one of everyone’s favorites already… Paddles!

Master Made Titans makes a debut with their Tiny Rex version of SD (Super Deformed) Trypticon.

SparkToy shows off their Don Figueroa inspired War Within designs.

MasterMind Creations (MMC) is hitting home runs with their IDW inspired bots, we do have to say they are looking quite amazing. Plus we cannot forget Overlord… Need we say more?

Other honorable mentions: X2Toys, Keith’s Fantasy Club (KFC), and more!

Of course we cannot go out like that, here we present the FansProject / FPCore & Maketoys booth and it is amazing! New Parallax armor, more Solorons, masterpiece sized headmasters, and evil headmaster cities… This was easily the most exciting stop for most. We didn’t even mention Lost Exo-Realm version of Grimlock and his GoT styled throne or their version of Dinoking! So much win here.

Did you spot the female Dinobot? A lot of innovative stuff from these guys always as they have always paved the way in this field. In case you did not get enough Uncle Skullface comes through with a few bonus pics including that evil headmaster base we discussed.

We wanted to send a big thank you to Crasher & Skullface for getting these to us despite their busy schedules. Great guys and even better teammates. Also a big thanks to you guys and the transformers community, we wouldn’t be here without you!