TF-Prototype Updates Summer 2017

TF-Prototype Update Plans

So much going in so let’s start with Renderform as they have recently put up a bunch of pre-orders with test shots showing off their newest creations. Soul of Chogokin section has had plenty of updates lately with several recent releases such as Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, and of course a new MMPR section has been added to our site. Our Voltron and Macross both have also had a lot of recent updates once again mainly due to good ol Bandai and Soul of Chogokin.

Sponsors section has been reworked over many various changes. Our Feeds are also working differently than previous versions of TF-Prototype. We will be conducting a few on site experiments to help us gather the best information as quickly as possible.

Hope you enjoy the changes over the next week or so, many are already in place and you most of guys never even noticed. 🙂
The TFP Team