9 thoughts on “Omnigonix Spinout

  1. 期望,稍後的作品,選用的原材料及色差,有所改善!

    1. Matthew Baldwin what are you going to do with 4 of them? Listening to
      Shattered cast you can tell Robert has something up his sleeve lol. Prototype pics of Gabriel just on dx9 FB page. Fanstoys looks quite a bit better imo

    2. Lol fuck if i know… yeah he did. They both look good. Idk which one im going with right now. Toss up..:) i may ask if i can break one on camera..lol

    3. Matthew Baldwin You and Bobby both do breaking bad toys videos that would be hilarious. I know he wanted to take the hammer to it but toy Dojo said no I think.

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