TF-Prototype Exclusive Interview: Fans Hobby

Interview: Fans Hobby

Fans Hobby has not been on the scene long but has been making waves since day one with their release of MB-01 ArchEnemy (R.I.D. Scourge / Black Convoy). With die-cast parts, high quality paints, MasterPiece scaling, and exceptional designs Fans Hobby has established their foothold in the third party market and even thought of as a “breath of fresh air” by some collectors. Not to mention their character choices are unrivaled and unique with a great reputation among the fans. TF-Prototype has been fortunate enough to be granted an interview with these future titans of the third party collectibles world.

TFP: Which of the other 3rd Party companies inspired them to make Fans Hobby Happen?
FH: Fans Project & TFC, they set the trend many years ago.
TFP: Any plans on updating your site anytime soon with new projects past the scope MB-11?
FH: Should be few months later.
TFP: Do you think G1 rules your current design aesthetic or is it a more of an all ideas open approach when it comes to the visual design of how the figures look?
FH: It’s part of the inspiration, we do want to inject some other elements in our design.
TFP: Can you explain / or give any clues to what is happening with the green and purple camouflaged MB-10?
FH: MB-10 has a close relationship with MB-04.
TFP: Many fans noticed a refinement in your releases after MB-01, was MB-01 a “tougher” learning experience for the company than other figures as far as getting in sync with the factory and getting the product out you envisioned?
FH: Yes, it is our first figure & there are many to learn in order to make a good balance among design, production & market requirement.
TFP: Can you give us some background on any of the team members? How many?
Who handles what? Designers past works, etc?
FH: It’s a team around 10 people who handle different aspects: design, engineering, production, sales & marketing etc.
TFP: What kind of research goes into finding out what will be profitable
enough for then to pick a character to go with?
FH: We do wanna get a research with a profitable direction, haha…however everything learn from trial & error & observation.
TFP: It seems Generation 2 is more the direction Fans Hobby is heading
with only a slight detour into the RID line and possibly others
(MB-03A), would Fans Hobby ever consider doing more of the RID line?
FH: We would like to explore more possibilities from the market gap or the niche area, so we may explore more from G2 or RID area.
TFP: What inspired Fans Hobby pricing?
FH: The production cost & sales play the critical role in this section.
TFP: Would Fans Hobby ever consider making a character that other
companies have already completed in the past or was that part of the
reasoning behind the G2 direction?
FH: We haven’t considered this point in specific.  As stated above, the main goal is to explore more possiblities in niche area and bring something different to Fans!
TFP: MB-06 Power Baser on an MP scale none the less is quite an ambitious
project, have there been any unforeseen complications in the design /
production process that were unexpected?
FH: Yes, it is a large project that full of challenges from all aspects, and improvements & refinements are with us during the whole development process.  However we’re glad to see the project is going to a positive direction.
TFP: Of course Nucleon Quest was a very popular and rare version of PowerMaster Optimus, does Fans Hobby have any plans of a Black colored MB-06 to match Nucleon Quest or maybe even a Fire Guts God Ginrai?
FH: All variations have been considered & we still haven’t fix any solid planning for the time being.
TFP: Recently Fans Hobby has been showing teasers of MB-03A on the Facebook page, can you tell us anything about this bot?
FH: It’s an interesting project which was developed thru discussions with Shanghai convention organizer, probably dragon is welcome in Chinese market, so we decided to make a special edition for the convention.  
TFP: MB-05 FlyPro painted test shots were also recently shown being completed showing off the added hinged and rotating wing joint that MB-03 Fei Long did not possess, also there were a great deal of differences between MB-01 ArchEnemy and MB-04 Gun Fighter II. Our question is it common practice for the designs to never really leave that phase while working with the few parts that get reused as they seem to get many improvements along the way and some even by suggestions of your fans?
FH: There are always blind spots in our development, so good to get suggestions from Fans that we may never consider.  Our team has a passion to improve the products & would like to make them more complete.  
This was conducted via email since both teams could not meet in person . We hope this gives you guys an inside look at what Fans Hobby has in store for us and we have possibly helped answered some questions fans may have had. If this the first you have heard of Fans Hobby then we highly suggest you pick up one of their releases to see what you are missing for yourselves. Here at TF-Prototype we have really enjoyed working with Fans Hobby and look forward to what is to come.
Here is a quick gallery showing off each release from Fans Hobby. All photographs seen below are by the ever talented U.NEM Studios.

MB-05 FlyPro the final Monster Bots scheduled to release soon with bonus accessories for all three Monster Bot members.

Fans Hobby Web Site: 

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