TFP Review: MB-06 Power Baser by Fans Hobby (Masterpiece Optimus Prime / Ginrai)

MB-06 Power Baser
by Fans Hobby

Fans Hobby:
Fans Hobby may be one of the newer companies on the scene but now on their 7th release (counting special editions) new or not they are one of the strongest companies in the Transformer third party market. They have maintained a strong relationship with the fans. Fans Hobby actually changed designs and aspects of Power Baser over the course of the past year based on communication on social media outlets with the fans. Also I would like to point out that the release was also delayed to further improve the design and future compatibility with MB-11 Gob Bomber add on to be released next year sometime. While some may look at this as a setback or failure I think it was an extremely smart move that shown a commitment to excellence in and belief in their work. Instead of rushing out something that they felt could be improved they simply improved it.

MB-06 Power Baser:
What is MB-06 Power Baser? MB-06 Power Baser is Fans Hobby homage to what we know in the US as Powermaster Optimus Prime or if you grew up watching the Japanese version Ginrai. This is made in a masterpiece style / scaling to match up with Takara Tomy MP-10 Optimus Prime and even MP-24 Star Saber. Made with high quality polymers, die-cast, chromed parts, solid design, light up LED eyes option, and all the articulation you could ask for this is really an amazing set. After posing Power Baser next to the official Takara Tomy Star Saber I am actually starting to prefer Fans Hobby to the Takara Tomy ones. I would be slightly curious to see them do a version of MP-10, I feel we would get a better proportioned better made Optimus Prime than our current standard. Before moving on with the review of the bot though I am going to go ahead and get to the point and maybe save you some time… I went into this review with very high expectations based on what I have been shown in previous releases and I was not let down. If you enjoyed MP-24, collect Optimus Primes, or just masterpiece transformers in general then I feel MB-06 Power Baser is a must to have in your line up and you should pre-order now while you still can. Now on with the show!

Transformation Guide / Manual
Collectors Card
Power Pilot (Powermaster)
Core (Truck Cab)
Dual Twin Blasters
Dual Black Pistols
Dual Pistol Extensions
Eye Replacement – Clear Blue for Combined Mode (LED light up eyes (battery is not included)

Upon Opening box we highly suggest walking through the manual one complete time as it will teach you all the necessary steps to transform Power Baser into its different modes. If you have any difficulty please refer to one of the many videos on our site. It is a simple process once you get it down.

Power Pilot:
This version has some of the best articulation I have seen on a figure this size in a long time. This is not some cheap construction with limbs popping off as many parts are pinned and even includes some ingenious use of a ball joint hinge system to give it an almost life like waist movement. The backpack feels to be metal and of course is all chromed out to match its G1 counter part and standing a considerable bit taller as well as you would expect a masterpiece version to do so. The face sculpt is shows a good likeness to the original.

The Core of this set is what makes the main robot and also has some incredible articulation as well and making it really fun to just toy around with seeing what poses you can get it into. With it’s only real limitation being no double knee joint but the severe ankle tilts do some to make up for it. The face sculpt on this bot is amazing, really sharp and detailed. Side note when transforming my Optimus head sticks and usually pops off the ball joint then I will have to flip the panel up by the ball joint close the chest then remount the head. Not a big deal but that panel is locked in fairly tight.

With guns mounted everywhere it kind of gives you that Mad Max feeling just not all rusted out. While it maintains the basic trailer shape it is about the same length as MP-10 trailer but is a bit shorter in height. Very solid feel not all floppy with a good weight to it. Everything tabs in tight and has a place. It’s able to easily roll while attached to the Core but the turning radius of the cab is determined by the Twin Blasters positioning, at times it can be extremely hindered if you prefer to face them straight forwards.

Base Mode:
Base Mode is similar to the original but without the ramps. While this form is sturdy and much more likable in person it is the weakest mode of the bunch but I am glad they included it to do a “complete” version of this character so to speak.

Combined Mode:
Combined mode has some of the best articulation of any mode with solid ratchets and and the missing double knee joints from the Core you can get some really nice poses. It has some really nice ankle titles and rockers while not locked into that atypical A-Frame stance that we have some from other releases. This also has an one of the best face sculpts on seen in a long time, I feel they really nailed its its Generation 1 essence. This version also contains no parts forming or extra add on pieces to complete any modes transformation also making it extremely nice.

Generation One

Titans Returns Powermaster Optimus Prime (Hasbro Version)

Takara Tomy MP-24 Star Saber

I have to admit after comparisons were made my main and only complaint is that the Combined Mode upper thighs were not chromed out to match its G1 counterpart. The core could of used a double knee joint in Robot Mode. Maybe a display stand or base would have been nice but would have added to final cost. I would of loved to see a way to tab the guns in the backpack while in Combined Mode though. Not allot to complain about here guys this is a really well done set they put allot of thought and time into.

I really feel this is a must buy to most collectors out there. This set I feel is nicer done than Saber was and SS remains one of my favorite bots in my collection. Fans Hobby has shined so brightly I feel they are now eclipsing the originals with their lack of flaws in the figures being produced. I admit that Powermaster Op is one of my favorite characters but this company has done so much more than expected and done it well. My only thoughts now are Gob Bomber / Apex Armor and Black… Bring on Nucleon Quest PM OP! 

As mentioned before I would be curious to see them do a version of MP-10 but I doubt we will see that one for awhile so what are some possibilities we may see from this company? With how strong their designs are and how well they are able to do the Optimus character maybe we can hope for others such as RID Optimus or maybe even I dare to a Star Convoy. Nova Lord and God Bomber / Apex Armor are both due in 2018 which is only a couple weeks away and Nova Lord looks HUGE! Hopes are set high on God Bomber but with how well Power Baser has come out, it’s a solid stand alone bot by himself. Sadly you almost want 2 or 3 of them to display it in it’s many modes.

Pre-Orders for the set have begun many months back but with the release right around the corner. You can order directly from Fans Hobby by click the link located HERE or pick one of our sponsors located on our sidebar, just we believe this to be one not to be missed.

Thanks for reading we hope you have enjoyed our review of MB-06 Power Baser by Fans Hobby, we have.

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