TFP Review: Fans Hobby MB-09B Gun Fighter II Trailer


Fans Hobby MB-09B

Gun Fighter II Trailer

This is the matching trailer and accessories to Gun Fighter II to complete your Generation 2 Masterpiece Optimus Prime. This will include a new head and braces to mount his weapons on his forearms and much much more. This is priced at only $79 when ordering direct from Fans Hobby’s website or you can pick one of our sponsors as it will generally be priced around $99, there is always shipping to consider no matter where you choose to order. Now lets get started with this amazing piece.

Please note this review will be written based as a stand alone trailer and it will not be compared to the original toy at this time. However we will be reviewing the MB-09A the Arch Enemy trailer play-set and comparing it to the original Takara Tomy Black Convoy next.

First I noticed is that it is packaged in a smaller box than I expected. Once opening you will find a sticker sheet, a clam shell containing the trailer, and two small bags packed full of parts. I suspect you guys will also receive a manual fully illustrating sticker placement and transformations. At the time of this review a video was released with a few sample image stills to be used in the upcoming manual only as it was still being created.

Once you get everything out of the box you will find you have quite the collections of parts and various items, here is a list of what you will find:

1x Trailer
5x Discs
6x Missiles
6x Bullets
1x Radar Dish
3x Trailer Adapters
2x Arm Braces
1x Gen 2 Optimus Head (New Sculpt)
1x BFG (Gun will be folded up inside of trailer)
6x Flame Sets (Each set is comprised of 3 pieces all pre-assembled)

The head you will notice is not the shiny plastic but now has a dull flat look to it with a broader crest and much shorter ears. Remove the two screws located behind the old head and it will split in half, separate the two halves of the new head and put in it’s place. Tighten the single screw located in back of the new head and you are done. I miss the longer ears but the broader crest and helmet sold me this is a really good sculpt once again from Fans Hobby.

The Arm Braces attach very simply to Gun Fighter II while in robot mode, just remember to have the peg hole towards the elbow side of the forearm to help judge which is left or right. If you would like to attach these in Alt mode the will store under the trailer in such a way it almost looks as if the should be holding a spare tire under the trailer.

There are three different trailer adapters included with this release. One will be used with Gun Fighter II while in alt mode, one will be used with MB-06 Power Baser semi-cab, and the last will be used with HasTak MP-10 Optimus Prime making this one of the most versatile trailers to date. The main adapter used with Gun Fighter II will be stored under the trailer in between the arm brace spots when not in use, the others will not store on the trailer but are still an extremely nice touch making this trailer more versatile.

Now to get this party started simply take the front of the tanker and flip it downwards to unlock the two side panels. The side with the disc launcher will flip out first, then other side will have to be after but be mindful of it catching on BFG handles if you feel a slight resistance. Now the the sides are out finish folding down the front of the trailer bed. Insert the radar dish in the slot closest to the front of the trailer (Please note that the radar dish can be left here during transformation back to trailer mode.) Fold gun half up, twist around, flip lock into place. Now raise sight and lower two black panels on the underside. If you would like to attack the double barreled rifle that came with Gun Fighter II on the underside of the BFG it is made possible due to slot located between the two black panels. Now fold out the gun handles on BFG and position (Please note that the actual handles are only made to fold out 90 degrees and have a very small tab stopper, these can easily be sheared off if not paying attention. It won’t ruin your day or your play-set if it happens but it is something to watch for.) Fold the trailer bed up so that it almost forms an “A” shape. Flip the Tri-Missile launcher up and around and load with three of the long missiles. Also a good time to load one of the bullets into main cannon as well. Flip disc launcher up and around and pull out the two supporting panels and align them so the tabs lock into place of the side of the disc launcher. There will be two manhole looking covers on top of disc launcher the one closet to the angled front will twist open allowing you to load all five discs included at once, twist cap back on to close. All extra and ammunition will store inside the trailer walls, three of each type per side. The sword that came with Gun Fighter II can also be stored by flipping the peg out and placing on top of the ammunition (please note the sword will have to be removed to transform back into trailer mode but the ammunition will not.) The last weapon that came with Gun Fighter II can be placed in the other slot located behind the radar dish. Now while this may look like a lot when reading please keep in mind we just explained the transformation and complete first time setup… The whole process is actually a breeze once you know these things. To fire these projectiles simply press one of the three buttons located on top of the Tri-Missile launcher, or slide the button back on BFG, or turn the back cover of the disc launcher. These bring back a lot of nostalgia of toys from our past and are all really well executed.

Now more about this BFG. This thing actually has three modes of its own, two which will be used with the trailer and another to be used with Gun Fighter II alone. This piece is actually lightweight for its size but I also feel had to be once again due to its size. I do not think the alternate mode or the stand alone mode of the BFG would be possible if were made heavy, it would just topple over and probably taking your figure with it. It has some clever transformations and a mystery hole I have been mounting the spare gun to when in stand alone mode as seen in some of our pictures. And this thing really is insane as far as size when in stand alone mode or even the alternate mode… It is taller than the figure holding it, the gun of guns if you will.

Overall the set is quite impressive. They covered all grounds and included many bonuses adding to play value. This is just flat out one of the better trailers I have ever seen and is really well priced for being masterpiece scaled and full of accessories. I have not even talked about the Artist who designed the artwork on the stickers or the fact of how the closely work with ToyHax to have a ReproLabel set ready to go at time of launch… So much has been included with this and put into this, they seem to get better with each release. The flame effects not only fit the fold out cannons located all over the trailer while in base mode that we have not mentions yet but they also fit original weapons included with Gun Fighter II. This is an easy home run for Fans Hobby as they are staying in familiar territory and keeping the fans on their toes with characters much needed in our line ups.

Decal artwork by Geoff Senior

This has been a much needed and welcomed addition to the Masterpiece Transformers line. I want to thank Fans Hobby for giving TF-Prototype a chance to see some of these first hand and I would also like to thanks them as fan for bringing us some of the best values for our money without compromising in craftsmanship or materials. This is 3rd party done right! We really, really like these play-sets, great job Fans Hobby!

This trailer was also produced in a different version to match MB-01 Black Convoy / Scourge and is sitting here still sealed, MB09A. As mentioned earlier we will be diving into that one next and even unboxing Takara Tomy Black Convoy that has never left its clam shell to compare how close these guys are to nailing it. Stay tuned!

To get these trailers pre-ordered and on their way to your hands fast as possible you can click on the link we provided below or you can chose from one of your favorite stores in our sponsors on the sidebar, we hope this helps. I guess we will close this one with a generation 2 motto… Until all have guns!

To visit Fans Hobby WebSite click logo below!

Quick updates: We have recently discovered the Sword can be stored inside the trailer when in Trailer mode just be careful when closing and that the double barrel cannon also stores on inside of trailer on trailer bed next to BFG. Thanks to P.



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