TFP Review & Comparison: Fans Hobby MB-09A ArchEnemy Trailer

MB-09A (ArchEnemy Trailer)
by Fans Hobby

MB-09A is the highly anticipated matching trailer to MB-01 ArchEnemy or Masterpiece Black Convoy / Scourge by Fans Hobby depending on how you know reference the character. This trailer will not only complete your set but comes with a more toy accurate head and flame effects to help set up action shots and poses. This is not out yet until April but will be priced at $79 by ordering direct or you can choose from one of our sponsors and pre-order for about $99 to work on package deals or free shipping, whatever your choice shipping should be considered. As far as value (a word not often thrown around in the 3rd party world) I would have to say this is easiest one of the best trailers around and best value in our 3rd party market, but do not take my word for it… Let us examine closer and see why I might say this.

MB-09A comes with three different trailer adapters to fit all MP-10 / MP-10B, MB-06 Power Baser Cab, and of course MB-01 ArchEnemy / MB-04 Fun Fighter II. This makes this one of the most versatile trailer to date as I have mentioned before in the MB-09B review we recently released.
(MB-09B Gun Fighter II Trailer Shown)

The new head supplied with MB-09A has shorter ear base (still able to rotate), a much thicker helmet giving an almost samurai appearance in nature but when compared to the original you understand every difference… The new head is extremely more toy accurate.

ArchEnemy was one of Fans Hobby’s first releases and many of the fans favorite figure by the company to date. It was priced right and made very well even though they were still tweaking their process as a whole, it was a sign of good things to come. While he only came wielding a brilliant red sword he had no guns to arm himself with and the fans noticed. The original also had a huge trailer base play-set that was missing from the figures release but Fans Hobby let it quickly be known that they do intend to produce this bad boy but later on… So we waited, and we are glad we did. They delivered and even filling in some much needed gaps like ArchEnemy’s long lost gun!

Two Arm Braces were included that are stored underneath the trailer when not in use that allow for MB-01 to mount his new found weapon on either arm. As I have previously mentioned when these braces are being stored in trailer mode they resemble a tire holder which I am fairly sure was intentional, simply brilliant. Quick note that the trailer hitch for MB-01 will be stored also on the underside of the trailer between the two arms braces. The other two adapters will most likely stay in the box but still a very nice touch. 

Now what does this trailer do you ask? Well it folds out in every direction to make a base with many, many guns. Did I mention the guns? I really want to emphasize the word guns here. This thing is fully loaded with tri-missile launcher that actually fires and comes with six missiles that can be stored in trailers walls.

It also has disc launcher that launches these giant round discs with a decent amount of force. The set will come with five of these and will be stored in the launch thanks to a cover that the original set did not include.

The trailer has a double barreled cannon located in the front of the the play set while in base mode with four more single barreled cannons located along the walls perimeter. There is a radar dish that sits directly behind the double barreled cannon in the front with a place to hold the new found weapon directly behind the radar dish but this weapon also has more options we will discuss here in a moment.

Under the disc launcher you will find a place to store the sword that originally came with MB-01 but this is only for use while in base mode and will need to be removed to be transformed back into trailer mode.

Now we have one more weapon, it is one I have referred to as the BFG. The BFG has three modes of operation. One will be the main mode used with the base configuration that has a targeting sight and dual grips, it can also transform and detach to the pivot on the handle bar and creates an insanely large entirely new gun. The last mode the BFG detaches and becomes a weapon for MB-01. That is right your figure now has more guns than he can handle (literally – hence the arm braces) when before he had none. You will also get six giant bullets that will load into the BFG and fire once again with a decent amount of force. These will also store in trailer walls. The double barreled hand cannon also fits on the BFG further increasing its intimidation power, again a nice touch.

One of the final touches I would like to point out before digging into the photos is the flame effects included with this set. You will get 6 effect sets, each set comprising of three pre-assembled pieces. These are just enough to fill the base mode cannons or even remove the stopper plugs and place on MB-01 shoulder cannons with a set left over to use on his new hand held double barreled weapon.

When reviewing the gallery below please note the detailing of Takara Tomy Black Convoy as this helped shape and guide the design choice made by Fans Hobby. It really took me standing them side by side to appreciate the job they done. As usually TF-Prototype supports Fans Hobby and what they do, we honestly feel we could use more companies like this in our 3rd party world. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading this as much as we have making this review and comparison. Thanks you all and thank you Fans Hobby… Until all have guns!


To help get a complete breakdown of the MB-09 Trailer series capabilities and transformations please also see our review on MB-09B by clicking image below.


If you would like to ensure that you receive one of these before they sell out you can visit Fans-Hobby site directly by clicking the logo below or pick one our sponsors located on our sidebar and place your pre-orders now.

Quick updates: We have recently discovered the Sword can be stored inside the trailer when in Trailer mode just be careful when closing and that the double barrel cannon also stores on inside of trailer on trailer bed next to BFG. Thanks to P.

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