Fans Hobby MBA-01 & MBA-02: Power Baser Options

MBA-01 & MBA-02
by Fans Hobby

Our MB-06 Power Basers’ now have some options as do we as Transformer collectors. Fans Hobby has recently announced MBA-01 and MBA-02 add on sets. You will not need both (Unless you combined them like we did) and to be honest you do not need either as the figure stands alone just fine… But if you wanted articulated fingers or maybe a comic book styled head and articulated hands & fingers also matching the comic book then you are in luck! Both add-ons are under $20 before shipping and extremely well made. The hands are made with pinned fingers and knuckles and tolerances are great. They are not floppy or flimsy they are solid and a really nice touch to add to Power Baser. They are even strong enough to grip weapons not of Fans Hobby origins as we tested with a Corbot V Axe and Dr Wu Scythe with great results.

MBA-01: Optional Head & Articulated Hands Set

MBA-01 is designed to match the comic book styling of PowerMaster Optimus Prime complete with a set of red hands and a replacement head.

Additional Gallery of Comic Book Styling


MBA-02: Articulated Hands Set

MBA-02 is a set of hands that matches the original release and anime styling of PowerMaster Convoy (Optimus Prime) and will be all red with the back of the blue.


Additional Future Add-ons in Development


As always you can choose form most of our sponsors to pick this up from or order directly from Fans Hobby themselves if you are willing to pay more in shipping (depending on your location) by clicking here.

These are really nice options and nicely constructed sets, we would like to thank Fans Hobby once again for giving us this opportunity to check these out for ourselves to write about for our readers. We look forward to Double Evil being unveiled soon, stay tuned!


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