Fans Hobby Power Baser MB-06a – Back in Black!

Power Baser MB-06a

by Fans Hobby

As many of you know Power Baser (MP Scaled Convoy (PowerMaster Optimus Prime)) was released and 1st production sold out as many had to wait for a 2nd run to be produced. It was a big bad ass nod to the character many of us had waited for a MP version to be released and we as fans were awarded greatly for our patience. I honestly had a lot of mixed feeling on the coloring scheme of the new one until I seen the new chrome legs and compared this to Nucleon Quest Convoy… I understood it all then and could see there really could be no other choice for color scheme as they have mimicked the original exactly.  I felt all was right and immediately fell in love with this thing.  With this brief introduction out of the way let’s jump and check this thing out.

Alt Mode / Convoy:
From a quick glance while in truck mode you will notice this has red windows right off and a very dark trailer color. Accented with a very dark blue-ish purple, you do not get the feeling is an Optimus Prime but maybe a Nemesis as it definitely has the silhouette of PowerMaster Optimus we all know and love. Rubber wheels, chrome hubcaps, bumpers, and smoke stack make this an instant hit as far as vehicle mode. Once again though I admit I wish the trailer had a stand to it could sit on it’s own without the cab attached (like MB-09 trailers).

Engine / Robot Mode
Right off you will notice a black figure with a silver highlights and a chrome engine on the robots back. Highly articulated with a head the will swivel, ball joints for shoulder, elbow joint, dual jointed hips, and a knee joint this guy is expressive for being so small.

Core / Robot Mode
Now this may have red windows and a Nemesis Prime feeling so to speak in vehicle mode it lets you know right away that this is an Optimus Prime in robot mode with it’s Autobot blue eyes and blue windows in the chest of the robot. Chrome upper legs (thighs) really set this one off. The core figure is also highly articulated adding even more articulation and possibilities making this mold one of the most enjoyable to work with, also very stable. Down sides though dues to transformations and combining requirements it does not contain double knee joints or individually articulated fingers but exceeds in every other area.

Combined / Robot Mode
First things I noticed is during the actual transformation process as I have only worked with MB-06 production / review sample or test shots as they are often called but this mold has had all tolerances refined and probably long ago so many of you may not notice. I suspect they were refined by 2nd run and possibly even in time for 1st run of MB-06. Right off this thing is massive and demands attention. With it’s massive cannons, chrome upper legs, and about the max amount or articulation you can have with a robot of this size this thing is awesome and looks once again completely accurate to the color scheme of Nucleon Quest PM Op. I have to point out a mold difference at this time though that was not present on MB-06 and it is the combined mode hands as now each finger is articulated. Each knuckle has been pinned for each finger and the thumb. Tolerances are awesome and they are not a floppy mess like others I have seen who try this. They did retain their weapon slot system for a secure grip on all Fans Hobbys’ weapons but fingers are tight enough you can use them to grip other weapons that not of Fans Hobby origins. Well done Fans Hobby, once again.

Conclusion / Thoughts
I was not an instant sell on this when hearing about it at first as I was not sure what it’s intentions were so to speak. Was it intended to be a Nemesis, or was it intended to be a Nucleon, or ? So needless to say I was unsure how this set with me personally I seen many pictures but most did not indicate color schemes indicating it’s origins. I made sure to avoid all reviews of this until my review sample arrived so I can form my own thoughts on this (I wanted to review some add ons which we will discuss very soon that were almost finished but not yet ready so MB-06a arrived a couple weeks later than others who are also reviewing it). After doing my own research and comparing this to other incarnations of this mold I honestly fell in love with Fans Hobby MB-06a and am very glad it is here and in my own collection. I feel fans will be very satisfied with their purchases and anyone who does not grab one will be faced with regret or possibly much higher pricing. As mentioned earlier they did do a 2nd run for MB-06 but it way too early with 1st production run just now ready to be released world wide to talk about a 2nd run, time will tell. This is a Nucleon Quest Convoy on Masterpiece scale, I suggest ordering now if you have not done so Optimus collectors.

Eye Candy / Gallery bu U.NEM Studios


Nucleon Quest Convoy (PowerMaster Optimus Prime) / Images by,,

Just for fun / Core w/Reversed Torso courtesy Of U.NEM Studios

Where to Buy / Get Yours Now!
You can pick most of our sponsors and place a pre-order for this product right now as you have not missed out. If you would like to order directly from Fans Hobby you may also do that as well by clicking here (please note shipping may be significantly higher when ordering direct depending on your location). No matter how you choose to get your just be sure not to miss out because Power Baser is back and he is back in black!

We want to thank Fans Hobby for giving us this opportunity to review this product and write about it to our viewers and also a big thanks to U.NEM Studios as well for letting us use some of their photos.

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