Transformers Studio Series Comparison with oficial size

Fans Hobby Updates

As many of you already know MB-06A pre-orders have been up for about a month and review samples are coming starting to arrive around the world. We do not have one here at the moment as there is another product update we will talk about here in a moment and we will be receiving MB-06A in house for TFP to check out as the other product gets closer to being finished here VERY soon. From what we have seen so far though this thing looks to be everything we thought it would be and maybe a bit more as Fans Hobby is known to refine their molds and processes. We promise to soon see for our selves and we see how the big guy stacks up in black! Hope you Enjoy the gallery in the meantime and we will also be sharing everyone’s work as always.

MB-06A Gallery

As many of you have noticed the fingers on this guy are individually articulated and have asked about PowerBaser the other news have to talk about is MB-06 Upgrades being refined right now as I type this. These upgrade will include two new sets of hands with individually articulated fingers of course and a Comic book accurate head which I am extremely excited for.

We should have a production sample in our hands of these bad boys within a couple weeks and we will also review MB-06A to look for any changes or improvements as Fans Hobbys is known to slip them in. The only real changes though may be the hands and Fans Hobby will open pre-orders for the add-on / upgrade set next week, I believe our sponsors will have their pre-orders up soon after just as always do not miss out. For those of you that would like to order MB-06A and still have not please visit one of our sponsors or even visit Fans Hobby directly (by click here )

And either as an act of kindness or an act cruelty (lol) Fans Hobbys recently left us this…