Transformers Studio Series DOTM Megatron and Mirage/Dino ARE FAKE | Comparison with customs

MB-08 Double Evil

by Fans Hobby

MB-08 has been named Double Evil but represents a Masterpiece Scaled character we know as OverLord and no matter what they call him we call him some serious firepower. Just as before Double Evil will transform into two vehicles (Tank & Jet) and will also have two PowerMasters to be their Pilots. Unlike MB-06 PowerBaser not only will they be able to combine with (and possibly interact with weaponry) but they will also get to pilot just like the G1 toys. Unlike their G1 counterparts though there will many improvements as you would expect on an MP scale such as working tank treads. This is shaping up to be the massive bot we expected from Fans Hobby… We may have another home run on our hands. Well done Fans Hobby as usual between design, materials, craftsmanship, and just overall value you guys have our full attention.

Base Mode: This is not an “afterthought” base mode, much attention was paid to the overall design and end result of the base mode this time. Much like the MB-09 Trailers I believe this will also be consider somewhat of a “play-set” in this mode. You can see the size of it alone next to MB-06 PowerBaser (MP Scaled PowerMaster Optimus Prime) and this guy is huge.

Vehicle Mode(s): I am just going to throw the couple phrases “Pilots” and “Working Tanks Treads” out here again and let the pictures do the talking.

Bot Mode: This guy is huge… This looks to be an amazing MP scaled OverLord based on the G1 toys and cartoons. Look at the detail and articulation on this bot compared to his sized and you know he is just a true monster.

Conclusion: Prime may need a hand from the looks of it (MB-11). Double Evil looks towering and sinister as he should. I believe this will make it’s way into many MP collections when released and personally I cannot wait to get this guy next to PowerBaser And MP Star Saber.

Where to Buy: The simple answer is you cannot yet but soon MB-08 Double Evil will be up for pre-order at most / if not all of our sponsors. As most of you already know you may also pre-order at Fans Hobby’s web site (by clicking here ) when it opens but shipping costs most likely will increase so weight your options, just don’t miss out!