MB-12 Athena (MasterPiece Minerva) by Fans Hobby

With Fans Hobby about to release their God Armours and production releases continuously selling out this one will surely be one to watch out for. I was not able to confirm this by the time of writing this article but I do believe MB-12 Athena to be Minerva.

Minerva Quick Intro

Minerva was a Jr Headmaster who was often seen riding in the cab of Gob Bomber during the series along side her other two Jr Headmaster partners. All three Jr Headmasters were main characters of this series and were always around Super God Ginrai. This series was Super God Masterforce and was only seen in Japan. It was much different than the last series shown in the US and highly revolved around Transtectors. I have only personally seen bits and pieces while doing research but I hope this gives a brief generalization.

MB-12 Athena

As we can tell from the various images Athena’s pilot will be able to ride inside with a co-pilot. Doors do appear to open as normal. You can see a small helmet piece with the headmaster when transformed which is accurate to the original toys. Athena does appear to have the opening panel gimmick used by G1 toys when inserting their headmasters to show their various power levels. This figure appears to be a much small stature than previous figures by Fans Hobby. The alt mode seems to be very reminiscent of a Porsche 959 but seems to be referred to as an ambulance in the series as she was a medic.

Handful of MB-12 Images

Original G1 Toy Images

One More of MB-12 Athena

Scaling looks great next to MB-06 Power Baser. Also note thee MB-13 in the upper right hand corner.

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