Fans Hobby MB-13 & MB-16 Test Shot Progress

Fans Hobby recently shared a few pictures of MB-13 Athena and MB-16 Lightning Eagle the past week. Athena is far from being assembled so we cannot judge yet. This does officially start Fans Hobby’s first Fembot and this is exciting news for allot of fans. MB-16 Lighting Eagle is coming along nicely. Coloring is improving and those guns are massive!


球迷爱好最近在过去一周分享了MB-13雅典娜和MB-16闪电鹰的几张照片。 雅典娜距离集会还很远,所以我们还不能判断。 这确实正式启动了Fans Hobby的第一个Fembot,这对于分配球迷来说是令人振奋的消息。 MB-16照明之鹰进展顺利。 色彩正在改善,这些枪支很大!


ファンのホビーは先週、MB-13アテナとMB-16ライトニングイーグルの写真をいくつか共有しました。 アテナは組み立てられるにはほど遠いので、まだ判断することはできません。 これは公式にFans Hobbyの最初のFembotを開始し、これは多くのファンにとってエキサイティングなニュースです。 MB-16ライティングイーグルはうまくやっています。 着色は改善されており、それらの銃は大規模です!

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MB-13 Athena

MB-16 Lightning Eagle

We would like to thank Fans Hobby for giving us this opportunity to check out their pre-releases and productions samples. They have been a responsive company to our feedback that care about the fans and take pride in their work. Click the logo below to order directly or possibly save on some shipping by going through one of our sponsors depending on your location.

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